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Ranking of the best rackets with ball outlet

Best padel rackets with ball output

If what you are looking for is comfort when playing padel, then what you need are padel rackets with a lot of rebound and softness. These types of rackets are known as ball-outlet rackets. For many players, it can be uncomfortable when a racket is very solid, or when the ball does not bounce much. That is why, we present you the best rackets with a ball exit of 2021.

Top 5 of the best rackets with ball output

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What is the ball exit in a padel racket?

Before getting to know the top five ball-release rackets, it is important to know how ball-release differs from power. The ball exit refers to the ability of the ball to shoot out without the need to hit with force, that is, with the bounce itself on the rubber. On the contrary, power refers to the force that we exert with our arm when hitting the ball.

The rackets that you will know below are characterized by having that soft and elastic touch that favors the ball out. Most of them can be used by players of any level.

Adidas Vortom Soft Blue

This racket is recommended for advanced players, although its control allows it to be somewhat friendlier for players of any level. This is a racquet that focuses on precision, maneuverability and control. That is why it has a round format and a wide sweet spot. In addition, their faces are made of a more elastic fiberglass. But, what really helps improve ball output is the Eva Soft Performance core. A soft rubber that provides plenty of energy return for ball speed and bounce.

Akkeron Cobra Edition 21

Akkeron’s Cobra Edition 21 is one of the favorite rackets for its ball output. But, it is also known for its excellent potency. It is recommended for advanced and professional players, as it has a carbon composition on the faces and on the frame. This racket boasts two main elements that are those that favor the exit of the ball. First, graphene is incorporated, a more elastic material that improves the bounce of the ball. Second, its core is composed of Eva Black Soft Original, a rubber with a soft touch to obtain more energy return and momentum for the ball.

Bullpadel Vertex 03 CTR

One of the most famous professional rackets of 2021. It is the control version of the Vertex by Maxi Sánchez. This racket is one of the most resistant and technologies of the year, as it boasts a solid carbon composition. Plus, it has a host of performanceenhancing technologies. But, what favors the ball output is its MultiEva core. It is a double density rubber, which allows you to obtain power and rebound for the ball. The Bullpadel Vertex 03 CTR is one of the best-selling rackets of the season.

Enebe Combat Ultrasoft

This racket is very common among players of intermediate level onwards, as it is a light weapon with a reduced weight. It is ideal for those looking for total control and handling. That is why it has a round format and a wide sweet spot, in addition, it is made of fiberglass, a more elastic material for comfort. And to further enhance that ball output, an Eva HR3 Soft Black core has been incorporated. This rubber has a low density, that is, it is soft and flexible, improving the rebound speed of the ball.

Royal Padel Anniversary 31th

If we talk about ball and rebound output, without a doubt, the Royal Padel Aniversario 31th is one of the best. The main quality of this weapon is its polyethylene core, which, unlike Eva rubber, has a more flexible composition, with more rebound and with better vibration absorbency. Thanks to this, advanced players will be able to enjoy a much more comfortable hit and with more speed. In addition, the racket is made of fiberglass, to be more flexible than a carbon racket.

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