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Royal Padel 31st Anniversary 2021, the brand's new racket
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A new version of one of the unforgettable ◾️Royal Padel Padel Rackets◾️ is finally here! The company celebrates every year of success with a unique racket. And this year finally came the new ”Aniversario 31” so the 31st anniversary padel racket. ✔️

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Padel racketsProducts Analysis

The new Black Crown Piton Nakano 15 arrives in its most recent version for the 2021 season. Marta Marrero’s new racket is ready to be wielded by the most demanding advanced players. Padel Nuestro brings the most complete analysis to know each of its details.

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Padelracket shape and size
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Do you know what shape or size your padel racket should have? Read our post and you will find out how to choose your ideal racket. PadelNuestroBlog.

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Here comes the new Siux REVOLUTION line. A restyling of all the most famous models of the brand. The first model to be presented will be the Diablo. Read in detail all the features of this fantastic series!

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