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Difference between Goma Eva and Goma Foam

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There are many theories about the origin of padel. It seems that in the 1920s they began to play with rackets made of wood that had the shape of tennis rackets. Little by little the materials evolved, as well as their manufacturing methods and designs.

The manufacture of wooden padel rackets was improved and other types of products were added such as EVA rubber to the current rackets characterized by much more comfortable designs, which give the product profile more width so that the game is more comfortable.

Today each brand uses a specific type of rubber to manufacture its padel products, the most used are ”EVA rubber and Foam”, which are those that are working in a game and resistance system, but are created with different touches.

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Differences between Eva rubber and Foam rubber

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Features of EVA rubber

  • Better resistance in its manufacture, improving the quality of its elaboration.
  • In a matter of touch, it is more rigid generating greater punch

This type of rubber is being used in many brands, this is due to the type of quality that this product offers, being a rubber with a better finish.

Rubber Foam Features

  • Soft touch rubber that provides greater shock absorption and reduces shock vibrations as much as possible.
  • This type of rubber massifies the punch, providing greater power with better comfort.

This product is used for those who have elbow and shoulder problems, but unlike EVA rubber, the quality of resistance is minimal.

The evolution that padel  has had has allowed the game tool ”Racket”, which was originally made entirely of wood, and today is totally different, to change. The model was changed, the millimeters of the profile were modified, the use of wood was discontinued, introducing rubber as the impact core, improving the comfort of the blow at the time of play.

That is why at the time of manufacturing each design, the best quality of the material is sought to make a product with a better finish and greater resistance, helping to avoid injuries in the game.

Advantages and disadvantages

Are you an aggressive player who prefers power? Then Eva rubber is for you. Are you a gamer who prefers comfort and vibration absorbency? Then Foam rubber is the right choice. Next, we will explain in more detail the advantages and disadvantages of each of them, so that you can choose the most suitable for your style of play.

Eva rubber

Among the main advantages of Eva rubber is its hitting power. If we compare it with Foam, Eva rubber is capable of offering more force on impact, due to its slightly more solid consistency. Another advantage is that it is a more durable material, which is somewhat more resistant to wear and tear and is less frequently damaged.

Eva rubber also has the advantage that it can be found in different densities. There is the Eva Ultra Soft rubber which is the least solid of all, the Eva Soft which is the most used and with a medium softness. In the same way, you can find a medium hardness Eva rubber, which is the one used for versatile rackets that seek control and power. Lastly, there is a type of rubber called Black Eva, which is the hardest of all. This type of rubber is usually used in attack rackets, in order to have a greater impact force.

Among its disadvantages, there is a lower capacity to absorb vibrations, due to the fact that it is not as soft as Foam rubber. Another disadvantage is that this rubber has a harder touch, which requires a greater force in the arm so that the ball carries more power.

Rubber Foam

For its part, Foam is a type of rubber that is characterized by its softness. In fact, that is the main advantage, which significantly improves hitting comfort. This is suitable for players suffering from elbow injuries such as epicondylitis. That leads us to mention that Foam rubber is one of the best vibration absorbers. Another advantage is that with this rubber you can get a better ball output. This means that the ball will be able to have a lot of bounce without the need to apply a lot of force to the arm for the hit. In addition, the Foam rubber allows to have a more manageable and precise padel racket, and in many cases, a lighter structure.

As for its disadvantages, one of the best known is that it has less power. Its soft touch does not react so well to a very hard blow. In fact, one of the typical sensations of this racket is that of not being able to find much power, despite the fact that we are using a lot of force in the arm to hit the ball. Another disadvantage of Foam rubber is that it is usually less durable, due to its soft touch. Repetitive and intense impacts could lead to earlier wear than an Eva rubber core racket.


If you have tennis elbow problems, it is necessary that you look for a manufacture with a soft touch such as Foam or Polyethylene among its manufacturing materials, these are the most recommended to reduce the impact blow, but the resistance of the material is not the same as the EVA rubber.

If on the contrary and you do not have injury problems and you are looking for a racquet with a hard touch and a lot of durability in its manufacture, we advise you to look for a racquet made with EVA rubber, which does not lose its benefits and has more resistance when playing. .

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