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Royal Padel 31st Anniversary 2021, the brand's new racket
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A new version of one of the unforgettable ◾️Royal Padel Padel Rackets◾️ is finally here! The company celebrates every year of success with a unique racket. And this year finally came the new ”Aniversario 31” so the 31st anniversary padel racket. ✔️

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👉🏼Tsunami is one of the most popular terms when talking about the 🛒🎾Siux rackets brand. It has been one of the best-selling models in the world, one of its most famous weapons.

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10 of the best padel brands
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Many of these brands that we introduce to you were founded a few years ago in Spain and have evolved over the years in terms of performance, elements, technology and design.

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