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Juan Mieres already has a padel racket: Dunlop Galactica Pro

Juan Mieres 2022: Dunlop Galactica Pro
Juan Mieres 2022: Dunlop Galactica Pro racket

Dunlop padel racket collection 2022 is finally here! The renowned sports brand has launched its new catalog for this season and put the competition under a lot of pressure. The big protagonist of this year is the Dunlop Galactica Pro, the padel racket designed by Juan Mieres (World Padel Tour player). This model immediately catches the eye as it shows more presence and power compared to its previous versions. The simple yet haunting color choices and tones ensure the opponent’s focus on the racket more than ever. With this design it has become one of the most elegant rackets ever developed. But that’s not all this racket has to offer. Want to know more, we already have the full racket analysis here! Let us begin!

The full review of the Juan Mieres 2022 racket: Dunlop Galactica Pro

Contenidos de la noticia

Who is Juani Mieres?

Juani Mieres is one of the most experienced players on the World Padel Tour. At 41, he is considered one of the veterans of the season. Although Juani is no longer fighting for the top spots in the rankings like he used to be, he is still present in 63rd place in the table. The Bahía Blanca native has announced that this 2022 season he will play alongside Denis Perino, a young player who is trying to combine his talent with Mieres’ experience. Juani Mieres is one of the main stars of the Dunlop padel team of players and that’s why they named a racket after them.

Recommended style and level of play for the racket

The new Dunlop Galactica Pro is a power racket. Designed for those who like aggressive play, with constant climbs to the net to finish a point. This padel racket also favors an agile and fast game, characteristics that perfectly complement the attack. The padel racket is able to provide this aggressiveness because it is generally a hard hitting racket. Therefore it is recommended for those who are used to this type of racket. In terms of level of play, the Galactica Pro belongs to the brand’s highest range, for intermediate and professional players.

A high quality carbon construction

To go fully into the technical characteristics of the padel racket, we can say that carbon is the material chosen for the composition of its faces and frame. But there are some key details about the carbon they chose. Nothing special for the frame, it’s a 100% carbon tube, but it’s still a solid and stable part that guarantees maximum durability. But the most relevant is in their faces. Dunlop have introduced a super premium 12K carbon fiber derived from high quality Japanese carbon. This material provides better consistency in every shot and always favors power.

Hard touch and high balance for offensive play

The quality continues inside the racket. The new Juan Mieres 2022 racket features Pro Eva rubber, an element that has been present in Dunlop rackets for several years. It’s a higher density rubber, which means it feels harder. This hardness benefits the increase in power when hitting. In addition, the force benefits thanks to its format and balance. The padel racket has a teardrop format, but has an absolutely high balance. This means that the rackett’s weights are concentrated in the highest part of the head, so that weight exerts more force on the stroke.

Additional technologies of the Juan Mieres 2022 racket

The Dunlop Galactica Pro has additional technologies that complement its performance for an even more professional game. One of them is Tri-Max, which is also known to fans of the brand. It is a reinforcement located in the bridge to ensure stability, control vibration and improve ball control. This year a new technology called 45° Face will be integrated. A technology applied to the faces to give control to the most advanced players. Finally, the Extra Grip faces have a rough finish to add spin to the ball.

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