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Bullpadel 2021 rackets – We reveal all the secrets of the new collection

bullpadel rackets
New collection of padel rackets Bullpadel 2021

One of the most anticipated moments of the year for all padel lovers has arrived. The collection of the new Bullpadel 2021 padel rackets has already seen the light, and we are going to review it in detail. Bullpadel is one of the top brands in the world of the rackets. The new collection is a delicacy of quality and technology, taken care of in detail in each of its technical and design aspects.

Collection of rackets Bullpadel 2021

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The new padel rackets promise to be among the best for next year, and we are practically sure that they will succeed. The development of this new collection was based on quality and specialization processes, seeking to create the perfect racquet for each type of player. Everyone will be able to enjoy the new and powerful Bullpadel weapons. With rackets for beginner, intermediate, advanced, offensive and defensive levels. Rackets that, in short, point directly to the top of the world padel.

For this reason, at Padel Nuestro we have taken all the time to present you in detail the rackets that make up this new collection of Bullpadel 2021 rackets.

Pro line

Bullpadel Vertex 03

The new version of the Maxi Sánchez padel racket has arrived for the 2021 season. The Bullpadel Vertex 03 arrives with the same power essence as before, but with the new Air React Channel technology, a new bridge divided into 4 parts that gives it more stability and better aerodynamics to the racket. This Vertex 03 again features the materials that made it famous such as the Xtend Carbon 12K, the MultiEva core and VibraDrive, Metalshield, CustomWeight technologies and the Hesacore grip.

New Vertex 03, the racket from Maxi Sánchez
New Vertex 03, the racket from Maxi Sánchez

Bullpadel Vertex 03 CTR

This is the control version of the Bullpadel Vertex 03 wielded by the Argentine player Fede Chingotto, a racket that focuses on the handy and precision game. It also has the new Air React Channel technology from 2021 and all the systems of the Maxi Sánchez racket. The only difference is that it is low-balanced with a round shape so the larger sweet spot can provide more control. An excellent racket for professionals.

Bullpadel Hack 02

The Bullpadel Hack 02 arrives in its 2021 version with a new design, with completely renewed colors to be in the hands of Paquito Navarro and all professional players looking for power. This racket has a hybrid format and a 100% carbon construction, with the MultiEVA core. This racket also has a special technology, Adaptia, which adapts to the speed and power with which the ball is received. In this way, the racket  can offer ball output and power when needed.

Rackets Bullpadel
Paquito Navarro’s weapon, the new Hack 02

Bullpadel Hack CTR

The Bullpadel Hack CTR is the control version of Paquito Navarro’s racket for the 2021 season. A racket that is just as resistant as the attack version, with a carbon construction and the best Bullpadel technologies such as Adaptia, VibraDrive, Metalshield and CustomWeight. The control version features a round shape and low balance for greater manageability.

Bullpadel Flow

The new Bullpadel Flow 2021 is Alejandra Salazar’s padel racket for the 2021 season. This racket has a hybrid format and a construction that combines carbon and fiberglass. In this way, a balanced game between control and power is achieved. 3D Grain technology is incorporated to improve the effects and VibraDrive to reduce vibrations.

Bullpadel padel rackets
Alejandra Salazar and the new Bullpadel Flow

Bullpadel Vertex 03 W

This is the women’s version of Maxi Sánchez’s Vertex 03. It boasts a new feminine design exclusive to professional players. This racket favors power, with a diamond format and high balance. It features a carbon frame, hybrid flats, the MultiEva core and the new Air React Channel technology. Likewise, the best technologies from the Vertex line such as VibraDrive, the Vertex heart and Nerve channels are incorporated into the frame.

Bullpadel Hack Comfort

The Comfort version was one of the novelties of the 2020 collection of Bullpadel rackets, an unprecedented racket that offers power, but with a comfortable touch. The 2021 version arrives with a totally renewed image and the same essence of power. It has a diamond format, high balance and a 100% carbon frame. Its Fibrix core that combines carbon and fiberglass allows a more versatile game.

Avant line

Bullpadel Wing

The Bullpadel Wing 2021 is the multipurpose padel racket of the brand’s advanced range. A racket with a teardrop format, medium balance and Glaphite faces that combine fiberglass and carbon fiber. This is the ideal racket for experienced players looking for an excellent balance between control and power.

Bullpadel Vertex Comfort

The Maxi Sánchez padel racket also has its Comfort version. Like the regular version, it features the new Air React Channel technology, a 100% carbon frame and the MultiEva core. The difference is that this version has the Fibrix fiberglass and carbon fiber faces. In terms of technologies, it has the well-known Metalshield, TopSpin and VibraDrive to eliminate vibrations.

Bullpadel K3

The Bullpadel K3 is the control racket of the advanced range of the Bullpadel 2021 racket collection. Being a control racket, it has a round format and low balance to maximize its manageability. It features a carbon frame, Glaphite faces, and the MultiEva core. This blade is accompanied by technologies such as the rough 3D Grain planes, DoubleBridge bridge for greater stability and the Curvedge construction that favors control.

Bullpadel K3 W

The Bullpadel K3 W is the female version of the K3, the last of the advanced level kets. Like its sister, the K3 W features a round shape, low balance, 100% carbon frame, Glaphite faces and MultiEva core. It is the perfect racket for control players looking to reach the professional level.

Performance Line

Bullpadel K2 Power

The new Bullpadel K2 Power 2021 enters the Performance range of the brand, the rackets for intermediate and advanced players. It is a high balance diamond-shaped power weapon. Its structure combines a 100% carbon frame and high quality fiberglass planes. SoftEva has been chosen for this model, a soft touch rubber core for learning players.

Bullpadel Flow Light

This is the light version of Alejandra Salazar’s padel racket, and it is aimed at intermediate and advanced level players. It has a tear format that helps to find a good balance between control and power. In addition, the best Bullpadel technologies are included such as a 100% carbon frame, fiberglass planes and the SoftEva core.

Bullpadel BP10 Evo

The BP10 Evo 2021 is the last of the padel rackets in the Performance range for intermediate and advanced players. This racket also has a teardrop format to favor a little more control. It features Polyglass flats, a high-strength fiberglass, and a 100% carbon frame. In addition, it has a soft touch SoftEva core for more control and less vibration.

Tourline line

Bullpadel Libra

Bullpadel Libra is a racket from the Tourline range, it is an ideal racket for initiation players who are starting to play padel. Despite being an entry-level racket, it boasts a solid construction with a 100% carbon frame and Polyglass planes. It has the Evalastic core, one of the softest and most elastic rubbers for a game of greater control. In addition, it boasts an ultralight structure that makes it more manageable.

Bullpadel Shake

The Bullpadel Shake shares all the characteristics and components of the Libra, but in its male version. A lightweight racket for beginner players looking for control. The racket also has a 100% carbon frame and fiberglass planes. Its Evalastic core makes hitting comfortable and bouncy.

Junior range of the Bullpadel 2021 collection

The new 2021 racket catalog includes a range aimed at boys, girls and young players. The Bullpadel Hack 03 Jr, the Vertex 03 Jr and the Vertex 03 W Jr, are three rackets inspired by professional models, but for boys and girls who seek the best quality for their learning. These three junior padel rackets have a 100% carbon frame, Polyglass flats and the Evalastic core to favor a comfortable hit without vibrations. These are the Junior rackets that have a professional touch for young players who take padel seriously.

In addition to these three padel rackets , the collection also includes the Funny Boy and Funny Girl rackets. These padel rackets were created to be in the hands of the youngest players, boys and girls who will play padel for the first time. They feature a carbon frame, fiberglass flats and a soft Evalastic core. The main characteristic of these rackets is that their dimensions are smaller, and they have a reduced weight to be more manageable.

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