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Padel rules

The official padel rules
The determination of the padel rulesis one of the tasks and responsibilities of the International Federation of Pade  (FIP).
The institution governing the padel regulation.

The FIP Padel Regulation Committee constantly monitors the game for its rules and recommends, when it deems it necessary, changes or new provisions to the Assembly. The latter authority, responsible for approving any proposed changes pursuant to art. 18 of the Statute.
The Official Padel Rules
The rules of this sport were written for the first time by the creator's wife, Enrique Corcuera. Ms. Viviana Dellavedova Corcuera compiled the information and drafted the "Paddle Corcuera" Regulations and gave it to her for one of her birthdays.

Since then, of course, many things have changed, although the most important rules have remained almost completely unchanged. To stay updated, both here and on the official FIP page, you can download the latest official version of the Padel Game Rules .
Our articles
All the articles in this category scrupulously follow the official regulations with the sole purpose of explaining the rules of this fantastic sport in a simple and concise way.

By following our articles you can discover all the Padel Rules , on and off the pitch. You will find the explanation of what rules the main strokes of the padel must follow. In addition, you can consult any kind of information on the equipment: balls, padel rackets and on the fields. How they should be and the measures they should have.

Playing padel is simple and fun, but if we do it informed it is even better!

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