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The 10 Best Brands of Padel Rackets for Amateur Players

10 of the best padel brands
The 10 Best Padel Brands for Beginners

The best brands of padel rackets, most recommended for beginners

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Here we present a roundup of the 10 best brands of padel rackets this 2021 for amateur users. Many of you are sure to be familiar with the brands that we introduce below. They have been established in the field of padel tennis for many years and many of them go hand in hand with well-known players from the WORLD PADEL TOUR. Many of these brands that we introduce to you were founded a few years ago in Spain and have evolved over the years in terms of performance, elements, technology and design.

Padel racket for amateur players

Amateur gamers often feel overwhelmed when choosing their first padel racket, especially since there are so many brands and options on the market. However, it is enough to consider just a few characteristics that make a racket suitable for beginners. It is most advisable to look for padel rackets that are manageable, of good quality, and made by a recognized brand as this is an excellent guarantee of quality and durability.

When choosing a padel racket, we need to consider several aspects:

  • Our level of play.
  • Format of the racket.
  • Weight of the padel racket.
  • Material from which the padel racket is made.

These are some of the brands we recommend most for beginners.

Top 10 best brands on the market

Siux Padel

mejores marcas de palas

This Spanish padel company has become one of the best sellers. Siux was founded in 2013 and from that moment on it attracted the attention of players of all skill levels. In fact, World Padel Tour players like Javi Ruiz, Lucho Capra and Álvaro Cepero play with these rackets. Siux’s fame has spread to all parts of the world and is featured in most tournaments and competitions.

A clear example of a racket for initiation players of this brand is the Siux SX5. A versatile racket that adapts to any playing style, with a round format for a wider sweet spot and a 100% carbon construction. In addition, this racket has a soft Eva core, which makes it perfect for first-time players looking for comfort when hitting.

In addition to their padel rackets, they have launched their collection of textiles and accessories to keep a modern, attractive and high quality line. Some of the models we recommend for amateur players looking for a padel racket are:


Head is a brand with a long history and one of the great specialists in racket sports. In fact, this brand was founded in the 1950s, but later they also specialized in padel tennis. However, it has also grown into one of the most famous padel brands, chosen by players like Sanyo Gutiérrez and Ariana Sánchez, the stars of the World Padel Tour.

This brand also has a range of high quality clubs for both beginners and advanced players. One of the most powerful weapons in this field is the Head Evo Sanyo. Inspired by the professional Sanyo Gutiérrez racket, but with properties that favor control and manageability

Dunlop Padel

Dunlop is probably one of the oldest brands. It was founded in the 1880s and began as a tire manufacturer. But it wasn’t until the second decade of the 20th century that they started making tennis rackets. They later entered the padel market and were one of the top selling professional brands today. Dunlop also has high profile players from its team, stars of the World Padel Tour such as Juani Mieres, Patty Llaguno and Ramiro Moyano.

One of the most recommended padel rackets for beginners is the Dunlop Renegade. One racket focused 100% on control, with a round format and poor balance to be manageable. In addition, it has a high-quality carbon and fiberglass construction.


Bullpadel is a brand that speaks for itself. In fact, it is the Padel brand that sells the most rackets year round. This Spanish padel company was founded in 1995 and has already celebrated 20 years of market success. This brand is among the brands with the largest professional team made up of the best players in the world including Paquito Navarro, Maxi Sánchez, Fede Chingotto, Juan Tello, Alejandra Salazar and Delfi Brea.

One of the best clubs in the Bullpadel Discovery range for beginners is the Bullpadel Shake. A round racket with a carbon frame and fiberglass planes. In addition, it has an oval elastic core, which is characterized by softness and elasticity.

Nox Padel

Nox is a 100% padel brand that has also become one of the best-selling in recent years. In fact, Nox is one of the official sponsors of the World Padel Tour with exclusive padel rackets for the competition used by players such as Agustín Tapia, Miguel Lamperti and the twins Sánchez Alayeto. The Nox padel collections are usually huge, offering a large number of padel for all play styles and levels.

One of the most recommended rackets for beginners looking for the best Nox quality is the Equation World Padel Tour Edition 2021. A weapon inspired by maximum circuitry. It consists of a carbon frame and 3K fiberglass planes. In addition, it has a round shape that creates a sweet spot for easy contact.


Known as the reptile brand, the brand has opened a gap to position itself among the top positions of favorite racquets. Vibor-A was founded in 2011 and is already approaching its tenth anniversary. It has a long track record. This brand has also been chosen by numerous players on the World Padel Tour including Martín Sánchez Piñeiro, Alba Galán, Maxi Gabriel and Verónica Virseda.

One of the season’s most outstanding rackets is the Vibor-A Black Mamba Black Series Edition 1K. A padel racket with 100% carbon construction, 1K fiber in the face, aramid reinforcements to prevent vibrations and an ultra-soft core for a pleasant touch. What also makes it perfect for starting gamers is that it has a wide sweet spot and low balance, increasing its manageability to the maximum.

Adidas Padel

mejores marcas de palas

The signature of the three stripes is probably the most famous sports brand in the world. Known for its presence in all sports, especially in the shoe and textile sector. However, Adidas has broadened its horizons to reach different sports every year. In padel, it is a brand that already has a very solid foundation and is considered one of the best and most recommended by professionals. Along with Bullpadel and Siux, it is one of the brands that sells more padel rackets every season. This brand also has a great team of professional players like Alex Ruiz, Ale Galán and Martita Ortega.

In the 2021 collection there is the Discovery Line, which includes padel rackets for beginners. One of the most recommended is the Adidas Match 3.0, an excellent weapon for those first few padel matches. This racket has an all-round format that adapts to different playing styles.


Akkeron has become a benchmark for padel tennis in recent years. This brand already has a history of more than 10 years and develops padel rackets that defy current trends. This padel company is characterized by collections of huge padel rackets with different types of materials, formats, levels and play styles. In addition, they could step into the field of ”maximalist” padel rackets as they have hybrid formats that are not seen often and have very eye-catching designs that are far from simple.

One of the best-selling Akkeron padel rackets of the 2020 season was the Akkeron Oro España Legacy R 20. A racket with a round shape that provides manageability and control. In addition, it features a closed bridge and a design that prints the colors of the Spanish flag on the faces. Made from the best materials on the market such as carbon and fiberglass to ensure durability.


Babolat is one of the brands that already had a well-formed history before entering the world of padel. Together with Head, it is a specialty brand for racket sports. In padel, it has also become one of the most selected brands as it represents World Padel Tour players like Juan Lebrón and Victoria Iglesias.

In 2021 they were presented with a completely new collection, which also includes the Veron padel rackets. One of the most recommended models for those starting out to play padel and looking for the best quality is the Babolat Counter Viper. This padel racket is characterized by its power, but also has phenomenal control that favors the counterattack. It has a wider sweet spot and faces that contain fiberglass so the game can be a little more manageable.

Star Vie

The signature of the star is still one of the most famous padel tennis brands today. It was founded in 2002 and is about to celebrate its 20th anniversary. Every year this brand is added to the list of the world’s best-selling brands. It’s also a great reference in the World Padel Tour, with emblematic players like Mati Díaz, Cristian Gutiérrez, Mari Carmen Villalba, Jorge Nieto, Javi Garrido and Adrián Blanco.

One of the most recommended padel rackets for beginners is the Star Vie Metheora Warrior, the official weapon of Mati Díaz. This racket focuses on the control game with a round format, a centered sweet spot and a soft Eva rubber core.

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