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Summary of the best padel rackets for women 2021

The best padel rackets for her!!
The best padel rackets for women!!

Are you looking for a women’s racket to jump onto the track? Padel Nuestro presents the definitive list with the best weapons of the 2021 season. The rackets that boast the best quality and that have been specially created to be in the hands of the most experienced players. Next, we present a list of the best padel rackets for women this year.

The best padel rackets for women this season

Contenidos de la noticia

Adidas Adipower Light 3.0

This racket is recommended for professional players looking for control. It is a racket with a round format and a lighter construction, with fewer grams of weight. It boasts a 100% aluminized carbon construction, and features an Eva Soft Energy core for a comfortable touch and bounce for the ball. This one has technologies such as Dual Exoskeleton to strengthen the structure and rough Rough Surface planes to improve hits with spin. This is the official racket of Martita Ortega.

Adidas Radogar Woman

The Radogar Woman can be used by players from intermediate level upwards. It is a weapon that focuses on control with a round format, medium balance, fiberglass flats and an Eva Soft Performance core for a soft touch. Its frame is made of carbon to guarantee its durability and resistance.

Ares Nymph Woman

The new Nymph seeks versatility for players of advanced level and up. She features a teardrop shape that helps balance manageability and aggressiveness. It is composed of a kevlar tubular for the frame and 3K carbon fiber faces. In addition, it has rough planes for the effects and a Soft Core core so that the touch is soft, without vibrations and with good ball output.

Bullpadel Vertex 03 Woman

The female version of the famous Vertex is one of the best-selling rackets of the season. Created for advanced players looking for a power game. That’s why it features a diamond format, high balance, and a solid carbon frame. However, it has features that also give it a comfortable touch such as a MultiEva core and hybrid fiber faces (carbon and fiberglass). In addition, this padel racket is one of the most technological in history. Features Air React Channel technologies for more aerodynamics, rugged TopSpin flats for spin, VibraDrive to absorb vibrations, and a built-in protector on the frame.

Black Crown Piton Nakano 3K

The Piton Nakano is Marta Marrero’s favorite padel racket, one of the best on the World Padel Tour. This racket is versatile, but focuses a little more on power. It has an Eva rubber core that has a harder touch for aggressiveness. In addition, it boasts an 80% carbon frame and 3K carbon fiber faces in combination with other layers of fiberglass. Recommended for players of advanced level onwards.

Dunlop Rocket Pink

The Dunlop Rocket is for beginner and intermediate level players. It is excellent to learn to play padel or to improve the level. It has a round format and a medium balance to stand out for its control. In addition, its frame is made of graphite, an innovative material that provides strength and lightness. However, this padel racket has a Pro Eva core that has a medium hardness, which also allows for good power shots.

Nox MP10 Luxury

The MP10 Luxury is one of the best women’s padel rackets of the season. It is the official weapon of Mapi Sánchez Alayeto. It is a racket that stands out for its great control, with a round format. However, it boasts a fairly solid and resistant structure, with a 100% carbon frame and 3K carbon fiber faces. In addition, it has a harder HR3 core, so that players can also find good power. This racket is recommended for advanced and professional level players.

Nox MJ10 Luxury

The MJ10 is the padel racket of the other one of the ”Atomic Twins”, Majo Sánchez Alayeto. This weapon seeks versatility, a good balance between control and power. That is why it has a teardrop format and a new core that is made up of several layers of higher density Black Eva rubber. In addition, it boasts a 100% carbon frame and 12K carbon fiber faces, which improve the output of the ball.

Siux Trilogy Control Special Edition

This is Patty Llaguno’s padel racket. Siux Trilogy Control is a versatile weapon, but it stands out a little more for its control. It has a round format and a medium balance. This one is composed of a double tubular carbon for the frame and a Carbon TEX 24K fiber for the faces. These materials help the padel racket to also have an offensive behavior. For its part, the Eva Soft core allows a very comfortable hit with more rebound. Additionally, this racket has an anti-vibration Shockout system and a Penta Core bridge that improves stability and balance.

Royal Padel 790 Whip Woman

The new Royal Padel 790 Whip Woman is a multipurpose racket for advanced level players and upwards. It has an oversize teardrop format with an even wider sweet spot to facilitate hitting. Its structure has a carbon-reinforced frame and fiberglass faces. Its main characteristic is in its core, with the incorporation of polyethylene. This material is more elastic to favor comfort, vibration absorbency and ball exit.

Star Vie Aquila Space Pro

StarVie Aquila Space is a versatile racket for advanced and professional players looking for a little more power. That is why it has a medium density rubber, which favors aggressive play. In addition, the teardrop format also helps this versatility. The racket features a 100% carbon construction for the frame and faces, to ensure durability and performance.

Vibor-A Naya

The new Naya by Vibor-A padel seeks the perfect balance between control and power. It achieves this with a teardrop format and its Black Eva Soft rubber core. In addition, it boasts an advanced construction with a Kevlar tubular for the frame and a Fiberglass for the faces. This racket also features rough textured flats to enhance spin.

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