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The time has come to search for gifts for this Christmas, and sometimes it becomes a real headache. If you have family and friends who play padel, there is no better gift for them then a rackets, padel shoes or clothes! That is why we created this Article with the best gifts for padel lovers! Here you will find a lot of amazing and unique padel gift ideas for your favorite person. Are you ready? Then let’s get started!

The best gifts for padel lovers to surprise this Christmas

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Gifts for him


If you are going to give a padel racket as a gift, it is important that it be from a recognized brand of good quality and also that its performance is also spectacular. Throughout this season, we have seen many rackets that meet these requirements, however, we have chosen four of them that will surely be a success to surprise your favorite person. Also, they are some of the rackets with the best price-quality ratio of the moment.

The Bullpadel Vertex Avant 21 is excellent for advanced players who are looking for power and who of course do not want to lose any control. It features an elegant diamond design and impeccable aesthetics. In addition, in this racket you will find the best Bullpadel technologies and materials such as CarbonTube, 3DGrain and a nylon protector so that the racket does not suffer the blows of the matches.

On the other hand, we have the Siux Origen Pro, a professional racket for those sufferers who seek the best control of the ball in the most decisive matches. Giving a Siux racket is giving quality, therefore this brand will be a guaranteed success. And, if you are looking for a racquet for multipurpose players looking for a balance between precision and power, then the Dunlop Skin Control and the Black Crown Carbon Gold are the best options.


The 2021 season has also brought great launches of padel shoes. That is why giving padel shoes as a gift is also an excellent option, since in this way, you ensure the player a good glide on the court along with the ease of making quick movements within it. If you are looking for something for a professional and competitive player, without a doubt, the Bullpadel Hack Hybrid are a top gift to make this Christmas, since they are the official shoes of the famous Paquito Navarro, player of the World Padel Tour.

This season the Nox AT10 have also stood out, because they are the first 100% padel shoes of that famous brand, and they have also been approved by renowned podiatrists. These shoes have the latest technologies on the market, created exclusively for the padel player to feel as comfortable and safe in the playing area. Finally, the Babolat Pulsion Clay are also a fantastic gift option for the padel player of any level, a shoe manufactured by the brand specialized in racquet sports.


Clothing has become one of the gifts for padel lovers. There is nothing better than surprising with a garment focused on your recipient’s favorite sport. Now that we are in winter, clothes for low temperatures have been the most sought after, especially for training. For example, the Babolat Exercise Paded vest, the Siux Trilogy Blue long pants and the Vibor-A Falsa jacket, have been among the best-selling garments for their comfort and heat retention. But, if you want to give a technical shirt for matches and tournaments, without a doubt, the Softee Match shirt is one of the best choices.Accessories

Padel accessories are essential for all who practice this sport. In addition, they are unisex and compatible with any racket and player. Shockout dampers are a top choice for those invisible friend gifts, because they protect the player from vibrations that cause elbow injuries. You can also give away overgrips or protectors to extend the durability of a racket. And if you are looking for a fashion accessory, the Lacoste 1212 TR90 42MM watch has been one of the most chosen.

Gifts for her


For a few years now, padel brands have also manufactured rackets specifically designed for women. These padel rackets are characterized by being built with lighter materials. This season, we have seen phenomenal weapons that meet all quality standards for matches and training. If youre looking for a gift that has a good relationship between quality and price, then this are the best options:

The Adidas Adipower Light 2.0 racket is the official weapon of Martita Ortega, and is an excellent padel racket for professional control players that also offers a great plus of power. This racket contains great materials used by the brand, with the aim of creating the perfect racket for female players.

But, if you are looking for rackets that are manageable, light and with good control for players of different levels, these are yours:

  • Head Calibre Pink, this Head racket for women is ideal for those players who are starting out in this sport. Made with flexible materials to make a game much lighter and easier to learn to make the best shots.
  • Siux SX5 Woman is ideal for the intermediate-level player to perfect her technique until reaching the highest level. This weapon is the perfect companion for a game of control, thanks to its round shape and low balance.
  • Babolat Reveal is one of the lightest women’s rackets from the Babolat brand for beginner players who want to reach the top. This racket is built with a carbon frame providing a strong and durable structure.
  • Nox XForce Purple Fiber is one of the latest exclusive releases from Nox. It is composed of 3K carbon and inside a core of Eva Dura Rubber for an extra hit of power.


A shoe is also a perfect gift for a player, especially for those who care about style and appearance, as well as performance and quality. That is why the shoes that we have chosen for this gift guide belong to the highest ranges of the best brands on the market. For example, we chose the Bullpadel Flow Hybrid Fly, which are Alejandra Salazar’s official shoes, one of the best on the World Padel Tour. Also, selected the Adidas Adizero Ubersonic 3, a shoe aimed at advanced players who have a fast, aggressive and dynamic game. Finally, the Lotto Space 600 ALR makes its appearance as one of the most versatile shoes on the market, with an excellent balance between comfort and stability.


We know that for many players, fashion is also important in padel. To hit the track, you not only have to feel comfortable, but you also have to look good. The garments chosen for this list have been among the best sellers this season. Not only because they have a very good quality, but they also have attractive designs that are far from the generic and conventional.

The Bullpadel Dabi jacket has been one of the favorites because it is resistant to cold and even rain. The same goes for the Nox Team Hoodie, which is ideal for training days with colder temperatures. But, if you are looking for a set of gifts for padel lovers, the best option is to combine  Softee Club  skirt and Bullpadel Erdine T-shirt. These two garments are perfect to wear to matches, as they are made with technical fabrics.


Padel accessories are also excellent gifts for padel lovers, because they work as complementary items for female players. An accessory for the racket such as an overgrip, a Shockout dampener or a Hesacore grip would be a top gift idea. Other products such as glasses, wristbands and caps also fall into this category. Watches are also in fashion to complement clothing, the 36MM Lacoste Ladies 12.12 watch is currently one of the most popular.

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