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Akkeron presents its new padel rackets collection 2021

New Akkeron padel racket collection 2021
New Akkeron padel rackets collection 2021

The new collection of Akkeron padel rackets 2021 was presented. The most famous models have been completely renewed, especially those of the long-awaited Cobra series. It is time to know all the technological advances in these padel rackets designed for professional players. Don’t miss a single detail of this round-up to find the racket that best suits your needs.

Summary of the new Akkeron padel rackets collection 2021

Contenidos de la noticia

Akkeron Black Cobra 21

The new Akkeron Black Cobra 21 is a stick that focuses on the control game, it is a stick with a lot of ball output and comfort to the touch. In addition, it has a great sweet spot thanks to its round shape. This racket has a high quality construction made of graphene and carbon. In addition, its interior is made of an Eva Soft rubber with a soft grip, which favors the rebound of the ball and the absorption of vibrations. The faces have a sandpaper finish that enhances the effect of cutting punches.

Akkeron Cobra Protector 21

The Cobra Protector 21 is very similar to the new Black Cobra. It’s a racket that offers an excellent balance between control and power. It also features the carbon and graphene construction, the Eva Soft core and the sandpaper finish on the club faces for spin shots. However, this padel racket has a very special characteristic, it has been developed for those who are looking for a higher absorption of vibrations in order to avoid elbow injuries such as epicondylitis.

Akkeron Cobra Legend 21

The new Akkeron Cobra Legend 21 is a multipurpose racket in teardrop format that has a more solid touch to increase its power. It shares some of the characteristics of the Cobra series such as the carbon and graphene composition and the sandpaper finish for the effective shots. However, this version has an Eva Black Soft core. It’s a rubber that feels a little harder, which favors strength.

Akkeron Cobra Diablo 21

The Cobra Diablo 21 is a padel racket for everyone who is looking for a higher level of aggressiveness and offense. Because of this, it has a high balance, with the weights in the highest part of the club head. It also has a high quality carbon and graphene composition. In addition, it has a Black Eva rubber core with greater hardness to encourage aggressive play. However, it also retains a good level of control and spin.

Akkeron Cobra Pegasus 21

The new Akkeron Cobra Pegasus 21 is a padel racket that is characterized by its power. To achieve this, it has a high balance and a harder Black Eva rubber core. This racket also has a solid carbon and graphene structure with rough surfaces that improve shots with spin.

Akkeron Armageddon R X20

The Akkeron Armageddon is a versatile padel racket that offers the best balance between control and power. This racket has unique properties such as a closed bridge that makes this area stronger, more stable and more resistant to vibrations. In addition, it is one of the few woods that has five layers of carbon on each face, which improves durability and strength on every impact. This racket has a mid-rubber inside that has a medium hardness for a more versatile behavior.

Akkeron Cobra 21

This is the classic edition of the Akkeron Cobra 21. It is similar to the Black Cobra, but with a completely different design in white. It also has a composite of carbon and graphene, an Eva soft rubber with a soft feel inside and faces with sandpaper finish for effects. This racket also has a round format that makes the control shine.

Akkeron Cobra Edition 21

The edition version of the Akkeron Cobra is very similar to the standard version, but with a small change in the core. This racket has a Black Eva rubber with a slightly harder touch. This results in a club that is a little more aggressive. The Cobra Edition 21 also has a carbon and graphene composition and textured club faces for better spin shots.

Akkeron Cobra Gea 21

The Akkeron Cobra Gea is a versatile padel racket that offers excellent control and power. It also has this solid carbon and graphene composition that not only improves the durability of the padel racket but also improves feel and response. In addition, its soft Eva-Soft rubber core improves control and manageability of the racket. An ideal padel racket for anyone looking for more precision. In addition, it has an eye-catching design in white and blue.

Akkeron Cobra Kronos 21

This padel racket has the same properties as the Cobra Gea. It’s a padel racket that focuses on the control game thanks to its soft-touch core. However, it also offers excellent performance due to its medium-high balance and its solid composition of carbon and graphene. The Cobra Kronos also has faces with a sandpaper finish like Akkeron 2021’s other padel rackets to enhance the effects.

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