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The best padel rackets for beginners 2020

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The best thing for a padel player is that he finds the perfect racket for himself. Fortunately, there are rackets that have been developed exclusively for them. Rackets that are characterized by their manageability and a much friendlier game. The 2020 padel season brings new collections from the most renowned brands. In Padel Nuestro, one of our most important tasks is to share the best products that come to light with the players and fans.

Next are the best rackets for padel beginners.

Babolat Reflex 2020

This racket is the great novelty of the Babolat 2020 collection. The Reflex 2020 is a versatile teardrop-sized racket that strikes the best balance between control and performance. Its interior is equipped with an EVA soft rubber, which offers excellent ball performance and very good vibration absorption. Outside, the glass fiber consists of both the frame and the surfaces.

Adidas Adipower CTRL 2.0

The brand of the three stripes presents the ADIDAS Adipower CTRL 2.0 as one of the best control bats of the moment. Made entirely of carbon, both for the frame and for the aircraft, in a round format. It has an EVA high memory rubber with high recovery to offer more rebound and therefore a hit with more performance. This racket is characterized by its versatility. It has a comfortable touch that makes it handy, but also surprising with its strength.

Siux Tsunami 4.0 Red

This is one of the best rackets for beginners, advanced and experienced padel players. The Siux Tsunami 4.0 has a round format, a medium balance and an overall carbon construction. We see a bitubular frame for the frame and a resistant 3K titanium red carbon fiber for the aircraft. This racket offers a more solid touch with a powerful punch for those looking for more power. Its interior consists of a soft-touch EVA soft rubber that absorbs vibrations and offers excellent ball performance.

Head Flash women with CB

An exclusive racket for women also appears on this list. The Head Flash Women is a racket with a round format, which is characterized by comfortable play, control, precision and manageability. The foam interior is soft and reduces vibrations so they don’t reach your arm. In addition, it has a very resistant structure, carbon for both the frame and the aircraft. This racket is an excellent option to play with a good balance between control and strength.

Bullpadel Shake 20

And of course you can’t miss a bullpadel racket on this list. The new Bullpadel Shake 20, a racket developed for the control game of the initiation players, is part of the 2020 collection. It is built with a round format, low balance and a centered sweet spot. This makes it easier for you to hit the ball and not lose control with a single hit. It is also very resistant with its fiberglass face and carbon frame. Inside, an Evalastic rubber appears with a soft and elastic touch for a more comfortable and plump punch.

Star Vie Raptor Pro

We close the list with one of the best tax rackets on the market, the Star Vie Raptor Pro by Franco Stupaczuk. This racket has a round format and an overall carbon construction, both for the frame and for the aircraft. It is tough and creates a feeling of solidity when hitting the ball. However, it is also a racket that is characterized by its control, precision and comfortable feel, thanks to its EVA soft rubber inside. This racket has a rough touch on the faces to improve the impact on the punches.

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