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The new Bullpadel Ionic rackets are stealing the show

Bullpadel Ionic padel rackets 2022
Bullpadel Ionic padel rackets 2022

The time has come to talk about two completely new rackets, which have never been seen before. We are talking about the new Ionic Bullpadel rackets, which land within the Next Line series of the Bullpadel 2022 padel rackets catalog. This new model arrives divided into two: the Bullpadel Ionic PWR and the Bullpadel Ionic CTR. What are their differences? How do they look alike? Which of them is the most suitable for your needs? Find out below.

Analysis of the new Ionic Bullpadel rackets

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One control- and one power version

As we’ve mentioned, Ionic has evolved into a two-racquet series. The Bullpadel Ionic PWR is the power version. It is recommended for aggressive players who tend to constantly come to the net and attack. His best behavior is found when making any type of offensive shot such as spikes or offensive volleys.

For its part, the Bullpadel Ionic CTR is the control version. This racket was created to stand out for its precision, control and manageability. Although its technical differences are minimal, it has a behavior that adapts to another player profile. It allows a more defensive and strategic game, although it retains a good dose of power for decisive moments.

Uniqueness: The format

Entering fully into the technical characteristics of the racket, we start with the characteristic that makes them different. The format is the only difference between both rackets, and therefore the balance. The Bullpadel Ionic PWR has a diamond format and a high balance. These characteristics are typical in an attack racket, since its head is heavier and improves the inertia of power at the moment of making contact.

The Bullpadel Ionic CTR has a round format and a low balance. This format is the one that allows a more notable development of control, since its sweet spot is larger and is located in the center of the faces. With regard to balance, it means that the weights are concentrated in the lowest part of the racket, near the handle. That takes the maneuverability of the racket to the next level.

Characteristics of the frame and faces

Now that we know the differences between both versions, let’s move on to the features they have in common. Both rackets share the same core and the same frame and face materials. For the core, the famous MultiEva has been chosen, a double density rubber that is also present in professional level and World Padel Tour rackets. This rubber has a hard part to be able to hit with power and a softer part for control and vibration absorption.

Both the PWR and the CTR have a 100% carbon frame and Glaphite faces. The latter is a combination of carbon and fiberglass for the faces. This allows the touch to be of medium hardness, improving the balance between power and ball output.

Bullpadel Ionic racket technologies

The two versions also feature the same complementary technologies. One of them is the new XForce, which arrives to improve the balance and strengthen the structure. 3D Grain also appears, a rough finishing technology for the faces, with the aim of improving the shots with effect. In addition, the two padel rackets have a special construction in the bridge area, which improves stability and vibration absorption.

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