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Padel is a sport that has become increasingly popular in Germany in recent years. However, many do not know what to do with it, since it is a sport that is played with a racket but without ropes, a tennis court, which is however surrounded by glass walls, a ball exchange game that allows the bouncing back. which many players ask themselves: Tennis or Padel?

We will remove these ambiguities one after the other and show you the differences between Tennis and Padel.


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First, there are three types of flooring for tennis courts: clay, lawn, or hard floor, which can be made of asphalt, concrete, or acrylic. The dimensions of a tennis court are as follows:

23.77 m long and 10.97 m wide. If it is a single game, the width is reduced to 8.23 ​​m.

The distance between the supply line and the network is 6.40 m.

The network is 11.88 m from the baseline.

The net post, which is 1.07 m high, is 0.914 m from the sidelines, regardless of whether it is a single or double game.

In the center line, the net height is 0.914 m.

Area of a tennis court
Area of a tennis court


A padel court can consist of porous concrete, cement, wood, artificial turf or any other surface that allows a regular rebound. The biggest difference to tennis courts, however, is that they are portable and can be assembled and disassembled depending on the competition and tournament.

A padel court is 20 m long and 10 m wide. In contrast to tennis, a minimum height of 6 m is also required.

The distance between the network and the supply line is 6.95 m.

The center line is 5 m on each side of the square.

The net is deeper than a tennis net. It has a maximum height of 0.92 m at the ends and 0.88 m in the middle.

Area of a padel court
Area of a padel court



The frame of the racket must not be longer than 73.66 cm, including the handle which is 31.75 cm wide.

The tennis racket has a sieve made of crossed ropes, which creates a smooth surface. This must be a maximum of 39.37 cm long and 29.21 cm wide.

The rope must be homogeneous, have the same density in the middle as at the ends and have the same properties on both sides.

The weight of the tennis racket must be between 270 and 370 grams.


The padel racket should not exceed 45.5 x 26 cm in size and 38 mm in thickness.

The striking surface is full and drilled with holes made of EVA foam of different densities. Each racket has a belt that you must wear when playing.

The weight of a racket is between 360 and 375 grams.

Tennis racket vs padel racket
Tennis racket vs padel racket



Approved tennis balls must be yellow or white.

Their weight is between 56 and 59.4 grams and they can measure between 6.541 cm and 6.858 cm.

They must have a rebound between 135 and 147 cm.


Just like tennis balls, the only colors of the approved padel balls are yellow or white.

They are smaller than tennis balls with a size between 6.35 and 6.77 cm, but have the same weight between 56 and 59.4 g.

They offer a rebound of 135 to 145 cm.

Tennisball vs Padelball
Tennisballs vs Padelballs



Tennis is a game that can be played in singles or doubles. During the service, the server must stand behind the service line and serve diagonally on the opposing field and throw the ball over his head. In the case of a double game, the second player must be behind the end line.

The number of points in a normal game is divided as follows:

  • No point: zero
  • First point: 15
  • Second point: 30
  • Third point: 40
  • Fourth point: game

If there is a tie at the third point, the marked point is called ”advantage”. To win the game you need a difference of at least two points.
The first player to win 6 games (always with two sets of minimal differences) wins the round. A match is played in 3 (2 competitions) or 5 innings (3 competitions).


Padel is a sport that can only be played in doubles. The servant must also be behind the service line and throw the ball diagonally onto the opposite field. However, the service must be carried out on the side without crossing the pelvic line, not over the head like in tennis. The rest of the players can position themselves anywhere on the field.

The points of a game are counted like in tennis:

  • No point: zero
  • First point: 15
  • Second point: 30
  • Third point: 40
  • Fourth point: game

The set is won by the first team to reach 6 games while leading 2 games in advance and the match is won by the team to win 2 sets.

We hope that this article has resolved your doubts and increased your curiosity about Padel.

If you want to learn more about the rules and basic tips of the padel, here is an interesting article that will resolve your doubts. You can also follow us on  FACEBOOK.


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  1. Lar
    6 april, 2021 at 11:59 — Svara

    So padel is a little smaller all in all, but no diffenrences as such..! So why not play Tennis?

    • 28 september, 2021 at 9:11 — Svara

      Padel doesn`t have only a smaller court, you also have the walls so that it doesn`t necessarily end when the ball comes out.
      Also remember that padel is a team sport (you have to be four!) and that you don`t need much expierience to play it and have fun!

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