Who we are – Padel Nuestro Group

PADEL NUESTRO is a padel and tennis shop that offers all customers a wide range of products and accessories. Padelnuestro provides you with all the necessary resources to meet the needs of every player.

Padelnuestro was founded on March 1st, 2009 in Murcia with the idea of ​​being a specialist in racket sports: tennis and padel tennis. Since then, our work philosophy has been based on offering every player the most suitable material for their needs and specifying the technical, theoretical and technological aspects of the products. In this way, each player maximizes their qualities and can more easily use their resources, skills and illusions.

PADEL NUESTRO currently has more than 30 branches across Europe with the prospect of further growth and opening more stores. The head office is in Alcantarilla (Murcia) and has a 300 square meter shop, offices and a 5000 square meter warehouse. Padelnuestro employs over 90 people, including shops, offices and warehouses.

Padel Nuestro sells the best brands from Padel, making it the largest provider for small and medium-sized businesses, clubs and club shops.

Discover the largest catalog of padel products. We specialize in the sale of padel rackets, clothing and padel shoes and have the largest collection in the entire market and the most well-known brands. It is your great opportunity to play padel rackets like Siux, Wingpadel, Adidas, Bullpadel, Dabber, Head, Nox, Starvie, Vairo, Wilson, Varlion, Babolat, Royal Padel, Volk, Vision, Sane, Akkeron, Dunlop, Asics, Black Crown, Buy Eclypse, Eme, Orygen, Padel Session, Vibor-A at incredible prices and enjoy your favorite sport, padel tennis.