Siux Padel, the Spanish brand that is conquering the world of racket sports

Siux Padel

If you are a regular padel player, you have surely seen the rackets and equipment of the Siux brand. This brand is known for its quality and technology, to the point of being one of the most recommended by professionals. But, what is it that makes Siux padel so striking? What materials and technologies do you use for your products? Learn all about Siux padel rackets in this analysis of their history.

Why is Siux padel one of the best brands on the market?

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A summary of the history of the brand

Siux padel was born in 2012, and since its inception, they had an ambitious plan, to be one of the most recognized brands in the world. It was in 2013 when the brand presented its first racket collection. From that moment, the success was catapulted and they began to be a national and international benchmark for padel. In fact, in this same year, the first version of the Siux Diablo was born. This racket is an emblem of the brand and also of the racket market. Another event that helped Siux to put himself in the global spotlight was the signing of Chico Gomes, a player who, in that year, was in position number 9 in the World Padel Tour ranking.

Later, more mythical models such as the Siux Tsunami began to appear, and by 2014, they already had more than 20 different models. In 2016, the brand grew even more with the signing of Cristian Gutiérrez, one of the best players in history. Siux padel continued to establish itself with the launch of famous rackets such as the Spyder, the Spartan, the Alien and the Siux Pegasus.

Currently, Siux is considered one of the best padel brands. Its sales cross borders and reach all corners of the world. Every year, this firm fights face to face with other of the most successful brands such as Bullpadel and Adidas.

A brand that manufactures everything the player needs

One of the qualities that has made Siux padel even more famous is that it not only manufactures rackets, but it also manufactures all the equipment that a player needs. Of course, rackets are their most famous products. But, the brand is also a specialist in clothing, bags and accessories. As for clothing, their garments are chosen every year by thousands of players, because they have enormous versatility in their catalog. Players can find technical jerseys, polo shirts, pants, skirts and sweatshirts.

In the purse, Siux is also a specialist. It has padelbags of all sizes, to be able to adapt to all needs. In addition, they also offer smaller backpacks, bags or sacks to take to the gym, all depending on what the player needs.

Last but not least, the brand also has a huge catalog of accessories. It has accessories for the rackets such as grips, overgrips, antivibrators and protectors. But, it also offers accessories for the player such as wristbands, caps and padel balls.

Siux padel has entered the padel court market

One of the news that impacted the world of padel was the immersion of Siux padel in the manufacture of courts. This was the only thing he lacked to be able to boast that he offers everything to play padel. The brand partnered with one of the best-known and most prestigious track manufacturers to ensure quality. As expected, these padel courts comply 100% with the Federation’s requirements so that they can be considered as valid courts for the competition.

Siux offers three types of padel courts. The Siux Diablo court offers an excellent panoramic view, with the best quality materials for professional padel. It has curved lighting poles that are built into the walls of the track. The Siux Black Carbon track is very similar to the Diablo track, with the difference that the lighting posts are not incorporated into the structure, but are on the outside.

Lastly, Siux also produces individual tracks, which are gaining popularity these days. These tracks are excellent for training.

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