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Complete analysis of the new Bullpadel Vertex 3 2021

Bullpadel Vertex 3 2021
Review of the new Bullpadel Vertex 3 2021

With the new Bullpadel 2021 collection of padel rackets, the new version of Maxi Sanchez’s padel racket has arrived. The Argentinean will jump into the tracks of the most important tournaments with the Bullpadel Vertex 3 2021, a weapon of total power. Below, we will tell you what is new with respect to the last version, what were the changes and what were the characteristics that did not change.


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The essence of the padel racket has not changed at all, it is an attacking weapon for offensive players. This padel racket stands out for its great power in spikes, volleys, trays and any other forceful hit. It also belongs to the Bullpadel Pro range, which contains padel rackets for advanced and professional players.


There is a well-known saying that if something works, it should not be changed. This is what has happened with Maxi Sanchez’s padel racket, which achieved the best ratings in the 2020 season. Most of the components have been kept, because they have provided a great performance for the most advanced padel. But, the padel racket does have a novelty, a totally new technology.

The Air React Channel, a more aerodynamic construction for the frame. This is achieved with a bridge that lets the air pass through better, making the movements feel lighter and faster. This technology has been a very good point, because it allows to have a very powerful padel racket, but with a greater feeling of handling.


Leaving aside the new Air React Channel structural technology, the Bullpadel Vertex 3 2021 has the same materials as the Vertex 02 2020. The first quality piece is a 100% carbon tubular frame, which creates stability and resistance for the whole structure. This frame is built with a diamond format, the padel racket has a high balance, this means that the head is heavier, to hit with more power.

On the other hand, it has faces of Xtend Carbon 12K, a carbon fiber of greater strength for a more powerful hit.


Inside, the padel racket has the same core as its predecessor. The MultiEva core is again chosen for its great versatility, which allows you to hit with a lot of power, but also with a lot of control and comfort. This core is composed of two different densities, the outer part is narrower, to create power on the hit with better reactivity. The inner part is less dense and aims to absorb impacts and provide rebound.


Technology will always be one of the most important qualities of the Vertex series of padel rackets, making it one of the most complete. Besides to the new Air React Channel, this padel racket retains all the technologies of the 2020 version.

  • CustomWeight. The technology that allows to modify the balance and weight of the padel racket, through pieces that can be placed and removed from the structure of the padel racket.
  • VibraDrive. A piece integrated into the padel racket frame that reduces the vibrations created when the ball is hit.
  • MetalShield. An aluminium protector attached to the frame, which protects it from hits from the grille, walls and surface.
  • Nerve. These are channels along the whole frame, which improve its resistance and make it lighter.
  • Vertex. The construction of a special bridge for this series of padel rackets, which improves the balance, creates more stability and reduces vibrations.
  • Hesacore. The grip released in the 2019 season that has become the favorite of many. One of the most innovative accessories of the moment.
  • TopSpin. Rough face layouts, with a raised touch that improves the grip with the ball to optimize the effects.
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