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The new Adidas rackets collection 2022 is finally here!

Adidas padel racket collection 2022.
Adidas racket collection 2022

One of the most anticipated moments for padel players has come, of course we’re talking about the new Adidas rackets collection 2022! We are talking about one of the leading brands in this sport, known worldwide for their quality and professionalism. Next we present the most important new features of this introduction. Without a doubt, choosing an Adidas padel racket for the 2022 season is one of the best decisions.

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New Adidas rackets collection 2022

Contenidos de la noticia

New series of Metalbone rackets

Alejandro Galán’s famous Adidas Metalbone racket is back this season. It comes in version 3.1 with the same features that made it famous, but with a completely redesigned design, but the most noticeable thing is that Metalbone has become a series with several rackets. One of the big innovations is the Adidas Metalbone HDR 3.1. It is a version that, unlike the main version, has an Eva high memory core, which means it has the same hard feel as the Adipower racket.

Another great novelty is the Adidas Metalbone Greenpadel. It’s also a power racket, but it’s made from recycled materials. Their faces have a linen fiber that has no environmental impact. This racket is for advanced players and is part of the brand’s environmental range.

Also comes the Adidas Metalbone Lite 3.1 and the Adidas Metalbone Women Lite 3.1, the female version. These versions of Metalbone are for advanced gamers and have fiberglass surfaces, unlike carbon in the professional versions.

Finally, the Adidas Metalbone CTRL 3.1 appears. This is the control version of this series and was first seen last season. This year he seems to be putting professional players back in control.

The famous Adipower series returns with new elements

This is the most extensive racket series in the catalog and also the best known. Adipower has been the brand’s big emblem for several years. This year comes the Adidas Adipower 3.1, the updated version by Seba Nerone, with the hard touch and style of power play that he is familiar with. Similarly, this season we received the Adidas Adipower CTRL 3.1 which is the control version of Adipower and which was chosen by Alejandro Ruiz. In addition, the Adidas Adipower Light 3.1, the official racket from Martita Ortega, is integrated. A stick that focuses on control and is known for being lighter than the other Adipowers.

Concern for the environment has invaded this area as well. Now there is also its own version of the Adidas Adipower Greenpadel, made from recycled materials.

Finally, we return to the famous Adipower Lite series, which contains some of the best features of professional rackets but is aimed at advanced players. The Adidas Adipower Lite 3.1 is the power version. The Adidas Adipower CTRL Lite 3.1 is the version of control and precision. Finally, the Adidas Adipower Woman Lite 3.1 has also arrived, an exclusive version for women.

Adidas Essnova racket for advanced players

One of the most famous rackets from last season was the Essnova series. Also this year they are performing again for advanced players who are making progress and aiming for the professional level. The Adidas Essnova 3.1 is the power version with carbon construction and diamond format. For its part, the new Adidas Essnova CTRL 3.1 is the control version with a round format to be more manageable.

Adidas RX 2022 racket series

The RX racket series is aimed at intermediate level players. They are most recommended for those who are in training and are close to advanced padel. This series has three different versions for three different play styles.

The first is the Adidas RX300. A control-oriented, round racket with a fiberglass construction and a soft feel. Later comes the Adidas RX200 Light. This racket has the same characteristics and the same style of play, but the difference is that it is lighter, i.e. lighter and more manageable. Finally the Adidas RX100 was presented, this is the handiest version of the three mid-range rackets.

Introduction of Adidas rackets

The Discovery range includes rackets for beginners. This series features manageable weapons designed for learning. The Adidas Drive 3.1 has a round format and is perfect for the first padel training sessions. The Adidas Drive Light 3.1 is a lighter version of this racket.

Within this same area, the Adidas Match 3.1 appears. This racket is great for beginners who are going to play their first matches. That is why it has an all-round format and more power. Together with this racket, the Adidas Match Light 3.1 was also presented. It is the same power version, but with a reduced weight.

Junior range of Adidas 2022 rackets

The youth range of Adidas 2022 rackets is the one that has guns for juniors. This series consists of two rackets with different playing styles. The Adidas Metalbone Youth 3.1 was developed for power, ideal for boys and girls who already have padel tennis experience. On the other hand, the Adidas Adipower Junior 3.1 appears. This version has a control format and is more manageable. This is why it is recommended for boys and girls looking for their first racket.

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