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The best warm-up exercises before a padel game

Warm-up exercises before a padel game
Warm-up exercises before a padel game

The right warm-up is important before any sport, this golden rule should not be ignored in padel either. Above all, the right warm-up exercises help to avoid illnesses, contractures or injuries. Although padel tennis is actually an easy sport because the distance to be covered is short, we must not forget that the movements are not only sudden, but also dynamic and spontaneous. The so-called torsional movements can, without the correct expansion, lead to the deformation of the joints and ligaments.

It is a sport that can be practiced by the vast majority of people even if they are not in great physical condition, as the track on the track is very short and playing with the walls gives us second chances for fast balls, gaining a little more time and less Move. In padel, there are short-term movements, but these movements are very explosive and must constantly deal with sudden changes in movement or direction (depending on where the opponent hits the ball). These constant short movements can lead to short or medium term problems without the proper prior warm up exercise.

Is it important to warm up before playing?

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Before any physical activity, it is important that the body warms up. We hear the importance of constantly warming up, but it is not always practiced, generally out of laziness or because we don’t want to waste another minute starting our favorite sport.

Warming up is essential in padel as it is a sport that, while not looking like it, is intense. The movements are abrupt and explosive and require great physical skills. These are the main benefits of warming up.

  • Strengthens the muscles and prepares them for greater overload.
  • Reduces the chance of suffering any type of contracture or tear
  • Increases body temperature and acclimates the body to intense physical activity.
  • Improves the stability and balance of the body and warms the joints.
  • Reduces muscle tension.
  • Increases flexibility and mobility.
  • Reduces the slowness of movements.

Basics and forms

Before starting a game of padel, it is necessary and strongly recommended to warm up all the muscles of the body, as we will all involve them during the game, we must not forget this fundamental topic and thus avoid injuries.

Warming up is not to be confused with stretching, not only is it something completely different, but it is also very possible that while stretching cold, before warming up, you could injure yourself without stepping on the stretch as the cold muscle should not be stretching.

This is how you warm up

The most important thing is to start slowly, without sudden movements, but repetitive and in a circular motion so that the joints, ligaments and tendons work as well. Start with your legs first and work your way up to your neck.

The best exercises are those of the legs, with short movements that make adjustment steps and support the foot well, repeating the movements that we will perform during the game, varying between straight, diagonal and circular steps. The arm movements should also be slow, repetitive, and vary in height for the shoulders to work too. And finally, the circular movements of the ankles, hips, neck and wrist.

The best warm-up exercises

First, let’s talk about warming up before you practice padel. It is important to know that the warm-up must always be active, i.e. in motion, never static like when stretching. The goal is to warm the body and therefore it is necessary that we move.

First, you should start with basic movements of your neck, arms, waist, and wrists. Later we can start with more intense movements like star jumping, knee lifting and jogging within the distance.

Then you can start a specific padel warm-up exercise and perform movements that will be used during a game. For example, the player can start walking to the net and back to the wall while bending down to touch the floor. Later you can start a rally so that the batting arm warms up as well.

When finishing a game, it is important to stretch the muscles of the body. You can start with hip adductors and do them on each side to fully stretch the muscles of the legs, hips, and back. Stretching exercises for the hands and fingers, which are normally involved in holding the paddle and therefore require relaxation, can also be performed.

Why shouldn’t we forget to stretch after the game?

It’s important to understand that warming up and stretching are not the same thing. Stretching should only be done after playing padel or physical activity. There are still people who stretch before a workout without knowing that it is harmful and that doing the same stretch could even injure themselves. These are the main benefits of having a good stretch after a padel tennis match.

  • Reduces muscle tension.
  • It will reduce the chance of injuring yourself or of having a muscle contracture.
  • Improves the flexibility of muscles and joints.
  • It improves blood flow and helps the heart and breathing return to their natural state.
  • Helps the body relax and prevents muscle contractions.
  • Eliminates lactic acid, a substance produced during exercise that is responsible for muscle fatigue.
  • It also helps mentally, relieves stress, and improves mood.

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