Padel curiosities that you did not know

Padel curiosities
Padel curiosities

Padel is a racket sport, which today has become more popular than ever. Thousands of people have started the search for a racket to jump to the slopes, especially since it can be practiced casually or competitively. You probably know the basics of this sport, but, next, we will tell you some curiosities about padel that you did not know. So, learn padel with online courses or get a coach close to home, to be able to enter this wonderful world.

The curiosities of the padel

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The padel was born in Mexico

Many do not know, modern padel was seen for the first time in Mexico. This is a very curious fact, because anyone could think that this sport arose in one of the countries that are power in this sport, such as Argentina or Spain. However, the reality is that Enrique Corcuera, in the 70s, decided to place walls on his fronton court, with the aim that the balls would not escape him. In this way, padel as it is known today was born, with a track surrounded by four walls.

It is always played in pairs

Unlike tennis, individual padel does not exist, it is always practiced in pairs. This is one of the aspects that make people interested in practicing this sport. The fact that it is obligatory in pairs makes socialization natural, since it will always be necessary to be in communication with other people. The only moment in which an ”individual padel” can be observed is within some training courts. They have a much smaller size, to be used by the player and his coach.

It’s never been an olympic game

Another of the curiosities of padel is that it has never been considered an Olympic sport. For a sport to be considered, it has to meet certain requirements of the International Olympic Committee. These requirements call for the sport to be practiced in more than 75 countries on four continents for the male category, and in 40 countries and three continents for the female category.

The padel surpasses those figures, because according to the International Padel Federation, this sport is already practiced in more than 90 countries around the world. However, a formalization is needed in all countries, that a consolidation can be found in all Federations. According to experts, it is possible that padel is considered for an Olympic fair, but not at an early date. There is talk that padel may have the probability of being chosen for the 2032 Olympic Games.

Can be practiced by people of all ages

There are many sports or disciplines that require an athlete’s condition to be practiced, or at least that is what is thought. But luckily for people who want to get into this sport, it is a practice that is kind to everyone. It does not require a great physical form to practice it, nor does it require a professional skill with rackets. That is why people of all ages and physical characteristics meet on the slopes.

It is very similar to tennis, but it is not the same

If we could compare padel with another sport, to explain to a person who still does not know it, the most appropriate would be tennis. The similarity between these sports is very high, both are practiced with rackets and the objective is to hit the ball so that it reaches the other side of the court. However, there are very clear differences that make them totally different.

The first of them can be seen in the playing area. The padel court is surrounded by four walls, while the tennis court is completely open. In addition, the sizes of the courts are notably different, the padel tennis courts are smaller than the tennis courts. You can also notice a clear difference between the tool used to hit the ball. In tennis, rackets are used, while in padel a racket is used.

The first padel rackets were made of wood

This is one of the most interesting padel curiosities. In its beginnings, padel rackets were made of wood. This made them stiffer and heavier, making hitting the ball less pleasant. Although, at that time, it was not a problem, because the players still did not know better. Later, padel, like everything in life, began to evolve, and the player’s needs began to be taken into account. That is why other materials such as carbon, fiberglass and soft rubbers or foams began to be used, so that the player is more protected against injuries and can play more comfortably.

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