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Siux Tsunami 5.0 arrives with two new versions

New Siux Tsunami padel racket series 2021
New Siux Tsunami padel racket series 2021

New line of padel rackets Siux Tsunami 5.0

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Tsunami is one of the most popular terms when talking about the Siux padel rackets brand. It has been one of the best-selling models in the world, one of its most famous weapons. But what is its success? Since its first version, the Tsunami padel rackets has been characterized by creating an excellent balance between control and power, to be able to adapt to all styles of play. In addition, it has been a high-tech and quality racket that adapts perfectly to competition padel tennis.

The 2021 season has the honor of receiving the Tsunami in its fifth version, but it does not arrive alone, but as a trio of padel rackets. This is how we received the Tsunami 5.0 3K, Tsunami 5.0 12K and Tsunami 5.0 24K. Do not detach yourself from the screen to know their differences and find out which is the most suitable for you.

Common features of the new Siux Tsunami 5.0

The three models in the series belong to the brand’s Competition range, created to be in the hands of advanced and professional players. All of them have a carbon tubular to form a very resistant and durable frame, which also strengthens the structure and makes it more stable to improve its level of response.

The rackets also share the same core, so that all of them guarantee a comfortable hit, without vibrations and with a lot of control. It is Eva Soft High Recovery 5 Lamination rubber. This rubber absorbs the impacts very well and transfers all the energy to give the ball exit speed. In addition, it is an excellent vibration absorber, to ensure comfort no matter how strong the impact is.

Aesthetically, the padel rackets have the same smooth and matte finish, but with three different color combinations. The big difference between the three models is in the composition of their faces, with a unique carbon fiber for each of them. In addition, they also have different balances, to give a different behavior to each of the versions.

Three models with three different behaviors

Siux Tsunami 5.0 3K

This racket has a round format, for a 100% versatile game. It also boasts a medium balance that balances its power and its manageability. However, its round shape and wide sweet spot make it the most manageable and precise padel racket of the three. Their faces are made of a 3K carbon fiber, which is also incredibly strong to hit harder.

Siux Tsunami 5.0 12K

The 12K version of the Siux Tsunami sits right in the middle of the three versions, it is a balance between the control of the 3K version and the power of the 12K version. This model also features a round shape and a tall sweet spot for control. However, it has a difference, its medium-high balance gives it a slightly more aggressive demeanor. In addition, their faces are composed of a 12K carbon fiber, which is somewhat more solid and resistant.

Siux Tsunami 5.0 24K

The Siux Tsunami 5.0 24K is completely different from the other two versions, as this racket is 100% power. Despite having the same round format and sweet spot, it has a totally high balance, which places the sweet spot on the highest part of the faces. This allows technical players to obtain maximum power by using the full force of their arm. However, it has a 24K carbon fiber, which also improves the ball exit and the bounce of the ball.

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