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High-end Star Vie 2021 rackets for high-level players

Best Starvie padel rackets 2021
The best padel rackets of the Star Vie brand are now available on our website

The Star Vie 2021 padel rackets collection has arrived, with new weapons and the update of some of the best-known models. Without a doubt, the high ranges of the collection are the highlight, they are the ones that demonstrate the best quality and technologies. The Star Vie rackets catalog has two ranges that are considered high-level: the Premium range and the Universe range.

High-end rackets Star Vie 2021

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The Premium range is the one with the competition level padel rackets. This range includes the famous Metheora Warrior, Triton and Triton Pro. For its part, the Universe range includes advanced level rakets, but they are also recommended for the professional level. This range has famous rackets such as the Raptor, the Basalt Osiris and the new Galaxy Dronos.

Next, we will tell you the details of each of them, so that you know which is the one that best suits your style of play.

Premium range

Star Vie Metheora Warrior 2021

The official padel racket of Mati Díaz. The Metheora Warrior 2021 is a weapon that is characterized by its great control and precision. It has a round mold with a wide sweet spot to facilitate proper contact. In addition, it has an Eva Soft rubber core that makes the blow much softer and without vibrations. However, it boasts a solid 100% carbon construction so it packs good power too. This racket also has the Star Balance piece on the bridge to improve stability and the rough planes Full Plane Effect to optimize the effects.

Star Vie Triton 2021

The new Starvie Triton is a versatile racket, its objective is to behave with good control, but also with good power. That is why it has a tear mold and a medium balance. This is how it manages to feel manageable but also quite aggressive. In addition, it boasts a 100% carbon construction and an Eva Soft rubber so that the hit is comfortable. In terms of technologies, it includes the Star Balance piece for stability and the Full Plane Effect rough planes.

Star Vie Triton Pro 2021

The Pro version of the Triton has a small difference that changes the behavior of the padel racket. This model has a higher density Eva rubber, that is, it is a little harder. It makes the touch feel different, with greater solidity and less bounce. This is suitable for aggressive players looking for a little more power. In terms of its materials and technologies, it also has a 100% carbon construction, rough flats and the Star Balance piece on the bridge.

Universe range

Star Vie Raptor 2021

The Star Vie Raptor 2021 is the padel racket that Franco Stupaczuk has chosen for this season. The Argentine racket has a round mold, which enhances characteristics such as control and manageability. However, it has a 100% carbon construction that makes it more solid to be able to hit with power. In fact, Franco easily manages to get the ball out for three with ultra powerful shots, made with this padel racket. It has the rough planes to improve spin and the Core Raptor piece to strengthen the structure and optimize the balance.

Star Vie Basalto Osiris

The new Basalto Osiris was created for advanced players looking for a good balance between control and power. It has a medium balance and a teardrop mold to make the game more versatile. But, without a doubt, the best is in the manufacture of their faces. They are made up of a combination of carbon and basalt. The latter improves the feel, optimizing the control and the level of response of the padel racket. In addition, it has an Eva Soft rubber core that allows a very comfortable touch. This racquet features Star Balance on the bridge and rough Full Plane Effect flats to optimize spin.

Star Vie Dronos Galaxy

The Starvie Dronos Galaxy arrives in 2021 to replace the famous Star Vie Aluminum. In fact, it also has its main feature, the inclusion of aluminum on the faces. This material provides improved strength and durability, but also optimizes control and manageability when hitting the ball. In addition, aluminum is also present as reinforcements in the carbon frame, to make it even stronger. This racquet has a teardrop mold for a versatile game, with an Eva Soft rubber core inside, rough flats to improve spin shots and Star Balance on the bridge.

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