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Best control rackets 2021

Control rackets 2021
Discover the best control rackets from brands such as: Adidas, Star Vie, Siux and many more!

The best control padel rackets of 2021

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The new collections of padel rackets bring numerous weapons from all types of game to stand out on the court and feel safe. Therefore, there is nothing better than a 2021 control racketrs for padel players looking for comfort, precision and manageability. That is why we present some of the best rackets that the most prestigious brands have created for professional players.

Starvie Metheora Warrior 2021

The StarVie Metheora Warrior 2021 is the official padel racket of Mati Díaz. A control weapon for professional gamers seeking precision. It has a round format and a large sweet spot to promote total control. In addition, it boasts a 100% carbon construction for the frame and faces. It also has an Eva Soft rubber core, a rubber with a soft and elastic touch to favor the bounce of the ball. As additional details, this racket has a Star Balance piece on the bridge that improves stability and reduces vibrations. In addition, the flats of the racket have a rough texture to improve spinning hits.

Adidas Adipower CTRL 3.0

This is the most powerful 2021 control racket in the Adidas collection. One of the most technologically advanced rackets, with an aluminized carbon construction and a higher density rubber to improve the attack game. However, this version has a round format to have a wider sweet spot. The Adipower CTRL 3.0 has technologies to strengthen its frame and rough Spin Blade faces for spin shots.

Adidas Metalbone CTRL

The Metalbone CTRL is one of the great novelties of the Adidas 2021 collection, which came together with Ale Galán’s Power Metalbone. This racket has a new Weight & Balance technology that allows you to modify the balance and weight of the racket to increase its power. This racket boasts an aluminized carbon construction. Inside, it has an Eva Soft Performance rubber with a soft and elastic touch, ideal for the control game.

Siux Raven 18k Control

The new Siux Raven 18K is one of the 2021 control rackets on the market. It has some 18K carbon fiber planes, which is the hardest to the padel racket for the attack game. However, everything is balanced with its Eva Soft core, which has a softer touch to give an extra comfort to the blow. To improve the maneuverability and precision of the racket, it has a round format and a medium-low balance. Without a doubt, it is one of the most impressive rackets of 2021.

Bullpadel Hack 02 CTRL

The control version of Paquito Navarro’s racket could not be missing from this list. A scoop with a round format and low balance to obtain the best maneuverability. Plus, it features a 100% carbon construction and dual-density MultiEva core. But, the best thing about this padel racket are its technologies. It has an aluminum frame protector, VibraDrive system to absorb vibrations and Adaptia technology that adjusts to all styles of play.

Bullpadel Vertex 03 CTRL

The famous Vertex by Maxi Sánchez also has a control version. This padel racket also has a round format and a low balance to favor manageability. The highlight of it is in its 12K carbon fiber planes, one of the most resistant on the market. In addition, it has the new Air React Channel technology that makes the racket lighter and more manageable. In terms of technologies, the aluminum protector and the VibraDrive system are also incorporated. But, this racket has the difference of having rough Top Spin flats, to improve hits with effect.

Black Crown Piton 9.0

The most recent version of the famous Piton is one of the 2021 control rackets that aims to become one of the favorites of the 2021 season. A racket that has a round format and a large sweet spot to hit with more comfort. In addition, it now comes with completely 3K carbon faces, a more resistant material than the previous one. However, the great distinctive of it, which makes it one of the best control rackets, is its Super Control Black Eva rubber. A more comfortable core with more rebound, to have a faster ball exit.

Nox MP10 Gemelas Atomikas Mapi Salayeto

The new Mapi Sánchez Alayeto padel racket is one of the best 2021 control rackets. A round-shaped weapon with low balance for maximum maneuverability. In addition, it has an HR3 core that offers a lot of power without losing comfort. This racket boasts a resistant structure composed of a 100% carbon frame and 3K carbon fiber faces. It also has an anti-vibration system and rough faces for spin shots.

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