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Exclusively: Adidas Rayze Series

Exclusive Adidas padel rackets
Exclusive Adidas padel rackets

New exclusive Adidas padel rackets have been presented for the most demanding players. The signature of the three stripes continues to add weapons to its arsenal, to be able to offer one of the most complete collections in 2021. This new launch is made up of two new rackets, the Ryze Pro and the Ryze Pro Woman for women. Next, we present all its details, materials and technologies.

New exclusive Adidas rackets to play padel in 2021

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Adidas Ryze Pro

The new Adidas Ryze Pro is a control racket. It is excellent for players looking for a weapon that allows them to play with maneuverability. That is the main essence of the racket, it helps the player to have a total control of the point. The main qualities of this racket, which can be noticed from the first hit, are precision, comfort and manageability. This racket is recommended for experienced padel players, who are at the advanced level onwards.

Regarding its technical characteristics, the padel racket has a round format. A format that results in a wider sweet spot, so that control is not lost, even when the contact is with the outside of the faces. The Ryze Pro has a 100% carbon construction, both for the frame and for its faces. The frame is composed of a solid tubular, which guarantees a longer durability and a greater resistance to wear. For its part, the carbon faces make the contact feel a bit more solid, to counteract the softness of its core.

Inside, the racket  has an Eva Soft Performance rubber. This is the softest and most controllable rubber of the brand. This sole is generally used in Adidas control rackets, or in power and multipurpose rackets that stand out for their comfortable touch. In addition, it has excellent absorbency to offer energy return and improve ball output.

Adidas Ryze Pro Woman

With the arrival of the Ryze Pro, its female version also arrives. Adidas could not put aside the women’s sector and take away the opportunity to test control of the new exclusive padel rackets. Adidas Ryze Pro Woman is very similar to the men’s version, it shares many of its characteristics, but it also has some small differences that make it perfect for women.

First of all, we will talk about the similarities. It is also a round format racket that focuses on control, a weapon for players who seek maneuverability, precision and comfort in their game. In the same way, it has the same carbon construction in its planes and in the frame, as well as the Eva Soft Performance core of high softness inside. As we can see, the essence of the padel racket is the same. But then what are the differences? In addition to its obvious feminine design, the racket has a Lightweight construction. It is a special Adidas construction that reduces the weight of the padel racket, frequently found in women’s and children’s rackets. This makes it lighter and more dynamic, much more comfortable for the players.

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