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Discover the new Babolat Viper 2021

Padel racket  Babolat Viper 2021
Babolat Viper racket, how are the new ones?

The Viper series is Babolat’s collection of power clubs. It is one of the most famous Babolat padel rackets chosen by the professional Juan Lebrón. This year three completely new Viper rackets arrive, each with a very special essence. How is it different from last season’s Babolat Viper racket? Find out below.

News about the new Babolat Viper rackets for 2021

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Last season the Viper series consisted of only two clubs, the Viper Carbon for professional players and the Viper for advanced and advanced players. However, this has changed for the 2021 season. The French padel company has decided to include three completely new models to expand the possibilities for the attacking player. Here are the key features of the new Vipers, as well as the features that set them apart from the 2020 Babolat Viper.

Babolat Technical Viper

The new Babolat Technical Viper is a power racket that focuses on one aspect: the technical game. As the name suggests, this padel racket is aimed at the player who, with the right technique, tries to direct the point and fully manage their strength to complete the point. The Technical Viper is the ideal combination of power and precision to place the ball where the eye is placed.

Of the three new Viper padel rackets,this is the most similar to the 2020 Babolat Viper Carbon, as it has a 100% carbon construction and retains the same classic diamond format. In the same way, it has the same well-known technologies such as the 3D Spin rough planes and the Holes Pattern System. The only difference is that this padel racket has a new core, made up of an X-Eva rubber as a sandwich, with three different densities for a well-balanced hit between power and control.

Babolat Air Viper

The new Babolat Air Viper is a unique and very specific racket, it was created for the aerial game. The most appropriate player profile is the attacking professional who seeks maximum power in forceful blows such as spikes. It is ideal for dynamic players who constantly climb the net to finish a point.

This racket also has a 100% carbon construction, both for the frame and for the planes. Likewise, it features the new 3-density core and rough-plane 3D Spin technology to enhance spin.

The main difference between this padel racket vand the Babolat Viper Carbon is in its format. While both padel racket are aimed at power and have a high balance, the shape is somewhat different. This racquet has a hybrid and rare format, very similar to the diamond format, but with a more aerodynamic structure, to favor dynamism in the aerial game.

Babolat Counter Viper

The new Babolat Counter Viper is the third of the new Viper, and it is also focused on a very specific style of play. As its name indicates, it has been created for counterattack, this means that it allows you to control and defeat the rival attack, and then respond with great power and forcefulness.

The most notable difference of this padel racket with respect to the classic Viper Carbon is in its format. You can notice a slightly rounder format, but with a hybrid style that resembles a hexagon. This format has been chosen to raise your control, which will be necessary for the counterattack.

Like the other Viper padel rackets in the new collection, it features a 100% carbon construction, with a triple-density Eva core and rough flats to enhance spin.

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