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Meet the new couples of the World Padel Tour 2021!

Meet the new couples World Padel Tour
Meet the new couples World Padel Tour

The famous ”dance of couples” of each season has begun. Little by little, new pairs have started to hit the track, some more anticipated than the others. The WPT professionals are preparing to face another season, with a view to new goals, hand in hand with new teammates. Similarly, the best padel brands have presented their new WPT players rackets. What are the World Padel Tour 2021 couples that have surprised the most? What is your new favorite partner?

New couples World Padel Tour 2021

Contenidos de la noticia

Fernando Belasteguin and Sanyo Gutiérrez

This was one of the most anticipated news, as fans wondered who Bela would choose after completing his alliance with Agustín Tapia. Daniel Sanyo Gutiérrez was chosen, one of the best drive players today. This couple aims to become one of those who will go further, as it is based on experience and a long career.

Agustín Tapia and Pablo Lima

After finishing the season with Bela, Agustín Tapia chooses Pablo Lima as his partner. The Brazilian has been at the top of all competitions for several seasons now, a player characterized by his experience and coldness on the court. That is why the Tapia-Lima duo is one of the most striking in 2021.

Paquito Navarro and Martín Di Nenno

The great Paquito Navarro could not stay out of the headlines, the owner of the Bullpadel Hack Knit, one of the best professional player shoes, has a new partner. This is the Argentine Martín Di Nenno, a young player who has managed to sneak up to the top 20 of the world ranking. Navarro had a somewhat unsuccessful 2020 season, but he seeks to vindicate his path with totally fresh airs.

Franco Stupaczuk and Alex Ruiz

Stupa is one of the best players on the World Padel Tour, which today is in position number 9 in the world ranking. The Argentine had a lethal duo along with his compatriot Maxi Sánchez, but now he has taken his way in other directions. He has chosen Alex Ruiz from Malaga, who although he is not in the top 10 of the table, he has a solid presence within the top 20. Ruiz is characterized by being a fast, explosive and forceful player to finish a point, precisely what Stupa was looking.

Maxi Sánchez and Tito Allemandi

Maxi Sánchez is another of the most outstanding players on the circuit, who for a few seasons remained in the number 1 position along with Paquito Navarro. During the 2020 season, Maxi shared the court with Di Nenno, but Di Nenno decided to break the commitment to go play with Paquito Navarro. That is why Maxi has chosen Tito Allemandi as his new partner.

Juan Martín Díaz and Coki Nieto

The new couple made up of Juan Martín Díaz and Coki Nieto is one of the most striking of the season, because it combines youth with experience. Martín Díaz is one of the oldest players, who is currently 45 years old. But, that does not take away from the enormous experience that he has in professional padel, he knows every detail of the game. Coupled with Coki’s explosiveness and youth, they are sure to go far this season.

Gemma Triay and Alejandra Salazar

Without a doubt, this will be the couple to beat this season, the most dangerous of the year. It was a huge surprise that Gemma Triay parted ways with Lucía Sáinz, after five years together and ending the 2020 season in first place in the ranking and the Master Final tournament in hand. After this separation, Gemma has accepted Ale Salazar’s invitation to be her new partner. Without a doubt, this is one of the couples that aim to take the first position of the ranking this season.

Ariana Sánchez and Paula Josemaría

Ariana Sánchez was the partner of Alejandra Salazar, who has now joined Gemma Triay. After that breakup, Ari has joined her paths with Paula Josemaría, who has separated from Bea González after being eliminated in the quarterfinals of the Final Master. The duo made up of Ari and Paula is based on youth, with great power of play and speed. They start the season as the number 3 couple in the ranking, only below Marta Marrero and Marta Ortega.

Lucía Sáinz and Bea González

After having shared the track with Gemma Triay for 5 years, Sáinz has had to look for a new partner for 2021. Bea González has been chosen, the young woman born in Malaga has great qualities of speed and strength, which will create an interesting harmony with Lucia’s experience.

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