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The best padel players and their rackets

World Padel Tour best players
World Padel Tour best players

It is time to talk about the stars of the World Padel Tour, those who are currently considered the best padel players in the world. These stars are the inspiration of thousands of players around the world, who want to take to the track with the weapons they wield themselves. Next, we will tell you which are the padel rackets that the protagonists of the maximum padel circuit have chosen.

Ranking of the best padel players 2021

Contenidos de la noticia

Juan Lebrón

Juan Lebrón is a backhand player, and is a partner of Alejandro Galán. Together, they make up one of the most powerful pairs of the season. Only during the 2021 season, he has taken 3 Opens and 1 Master. The one born in Puerto de Santa María plays with a Babolat Technical Viper racket. A professional power weapon, with a diamond format and 100% carbon construction.

Alejandro Galán

Ale Galán is one of the main representatives of Adidas padel. In fact, he plays with the newest padel racket in the collection, the Adidas Metalbone. It is his racket with more technology so far, focused on power, but without losing the hitting comfort. Galán is considered one of the best young people already consolidated in the World Padel Tour.

Paquito Navarro

Paquito Navarro is one of the new legends of this sport and one of the best padel players of the moment. For a time, he had a long reign in the first position of the world ranking, and now, he is looking for him again next to his partner Martin Di Nenno. The Sevillian already has a final won this season 2021, adding a total of 3 participations in the finals and 4 in the semifinals. Paquito Navarro’s racket is one of the most sold in all history, the Bullpadel Hack 02 2021. A professional power racket, with a huge range of technologies, ideal for the most professionals.

Fernando Belasteguín

It is difficult for a padel lover not to know Fernando Belasteguín. He is considered by many to be the best player who has seen this sport, as he was in the first position of the ranking for more than 10 years. The Argentine, despite being of an advanced age, continues to fight for the top positions. Currently, he is well planted in the sixth position of the ranking. The Argentine racket is also one of the most popular, the Wilson Bela Pro.

Maxi Sánchez

Maxi Sánchez is also considered one of the best players in the world. For some years, he was the conqueror of the top of the ranking, along with his former teammate Sanyo Gutiérrez. Maxi plays with the Bullpadel Vertex 3 2021, another of the best-selling rackets in history. This padel racket specializes in power, with a diamond format and a solid carbon construction.

Miguel Lamperti

Lamperti is another of the emblematic players of this sport, of the caliber and of the same generation as Fernando Belasteguín. Lamperti is a multi-champion, he really has won it all throughout his career. Unfortunately for the Argentine, he has not been able to win a World Padel Tour title for several seasons, but he has been present in the final stages and at the top of the ranking. The Nox ML10 Pro Cup is Lamperti’s racket, and is considered one of the best-selling rackets in history. The great advantage of this racket is that it is very versatile, and that is why it can be used by any player.

Matias Díaz

Mati Díaz plays with the Star Vie Metheora Warrior. It is one of the most special rackets because it is one of the few professional rackets that focuses on control. Matías Díaz Sangiorgio was born in Buenos Aires, but now resides in Madrid and is the partner of Juani Mieres. The Argentine has an important career, from 2015 to 2019 he had won at least one title per season, but the last couple of years he has been in a small drought. However, he is a player who continues to fight to be at the top.

Cristian Gutiérrez

Cristian Gutiérrez is another of the living legends of padel. The man born in Mar de Plata, Argentina, has a long history in this sport, with important achievements in his history, such as various world team championships with Argentina on four occasions. Cristian currently plays with the Star Vie Titania Kepler, a versatile padel racket for professional players.

Atomic Twins

The Sánchez Alayeto sisters, better known as the “Atomic Twins” are considered one of the most important figures in this sport. Those born in Zaragoza have been at the top of the female ranking, and to this day, they continue to do so. Both players play for the Nox brand, which has created a special racket for each of them. The Nox MJ10 Luxury by Majo Sánchez is a versatile racket, while the Nox MP10 Luxury by Mapi Sánchez is a weapon focused on control.

Martita Ortega

Marta Ortega is currently in the top 15 of the women’s ranking of the World Padel Tour. Her official partner is Bea González, who is considered one of the best young players in this tournament. Martita has two finals contested this year, although she has not been able to lift the trophy. However, in the last 3 years, she has managed to conquer more than 10 World Padel Tour trophies, without a doubt, she is one of the best players in history. Ortega plays with the Adidas Adipower Light 3.0, a control racket for players looking for comfort in her game.

Patty Llaguno

Patty Llaguno is talking about perfection in padel. She is currently one of the best players in the world, fighting in position number 5 to reach that coveted first place. The one born in Cartagena is a player who has won everything. The padel racket of this player is currently in the sights of thousands of women, because it is one of the most special. This is the Siux Trilogy Control Special Edition, a multipurpose weapon that focus on manageable and precise gameplay.

Marta Marrero

The player born in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria is one of the best padel players in history. In fact, she is famous because for several years, she was the conqueror of the number 1 position of the World Padel Tour women’s ranking. Currently, Marrero forms a powerful duo with Lucía Saínz, another of the best-ranked players. Marrero’s padel racket is the Black Crown Piton Nakano 15K, a 100% feminine padel racket, created to find the best balance between control and power.

Alejandra Salazar

We reached a very important part of the list, the number 2 player in the world and the number 1 couple in the ranking. Alejandra Salazar has won five championships this season alone, an incredible fact. She along with Gemma Triay, she makes up one of the strongest couples ever seen. Ale Salazar plays with the Bullpadel Flow Woman 2021 racket. It is a 100% feminine weapon, which focuses on being versatile to be in the hands of advanced and professional players.

Gemma Triay

Gemma Triay is the number 1 player in the ranking of the best women’s world padel players, and is the official partner of Alejandra Salazar. She this player has been a champion on many occasions, in addition to the most recent championships on the World Padel Tour, she has also conquered world and European competitions. This player takes to the court with the Asics Hybrid Pro, a racket that seeks to be versatile to have a more complete performance that allows attacking and defending.

Ariana sanchez

Ariana Sánchez is within the top 5 of the World Padel Tour 2021, and at only 24 years old she is already one of the best players in the world. She has won four titles this season and is on the heels of Ale Salazar and Gemma Triay for that first place. The one born in Reus, she is one of the stars of the Head padel team, one of the most prestigious brands in this sport. Ariana plays with the Head Graphene 360+ Alpha Motion, a racket composed of graphene and that specializes in the balance of control and power.

Paula Josemaría

Paula is Ariana Sánchez’s partner in the 2021 season, and is just below her in the female ranking. The 24-year-old player jumps onto the padel courts with the Head Graphene 360+ Delta Motion, a racket created for the power game, to be in the hands of advanced and professional players.

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