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New collection of padel racket Starvie 2021

StarVie padel racket
Discover the new padel rackets collection StarVie 2021

Stop everything, the new StarVie 2021 padel racket collection has arrived. If you are looking for a new padel racket, this is your big chance. The Spanish padel firm has been renewed with powerful new weapons that come to improve everything they already brought. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner player looking for your first padel raclet, or if you are a professional looking for the best, in this collection you will find the perfect padel racket for you. Welcome to the most complete overview of the new padel rackets StarVie 2021.

We present the new collection of padel rackets StarVie 2021

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Star Vie Metheora Warrior

The most famous padel racket of the collection has arrived in its 2021 edition. A padel racket created for handy play, with a round format for an even wider sweet spot. The Star Vie Metheora Warrior 2021 is the official StarVie padel racket of Mati Diaz, one of the best players of the World Padel Tour.

The padel racket comes with a technological novelty, its bridge now has Star Balance. This is a piece that improves the balance and stability of the padel racket. Besides, it has a totally renewed design with a metallic paint that gives a brilliant touch to the structure.

As for its materials, it has a 100% carbon construction. A solid composition for the frame and the faces, guaranteeing the durability of the padel racket. In its interior, it has a classic Eva Soft rubber for a comfortable and soft hit. We see again technologies like Full Plane Effect to have rough faces that improve the effects.

Star Vie Triton

The new Star Vie Triton 2021 is a polyvalent padel racket, created to play with a balance between control and power. This StarVie padel racket fits any type of player, regardless of their playing style. The padel racket has a teardrop format that balances the weights so that the padel racket can feel manageable and powerful at the same time.

It has a solid carbon construction, both for the frame and the cores. And it also has an Eva Soft rubber inside for a smooth and vibration-free hit. It has well-known technologies such as Full Plane Effect on the faces and the Star Balance piece on the bridge for more stability.

Star Vie Triton Pro

We present you  another version of the Triton, which has only one difference, its core. This StarVie padel racket has a medium density core, that is, it is a little harder. This means that the feel of the padel racket is more solid, favoring players who are looking for power.

That’s the only difference between the Triton and the Triton Pro. The Pro version also features 100% carbon construction, with Full Plane Effect and Star Balance technologies.

Star Vie Raptor

This is Franco Stupaczuk’s new padel racket for the 2021 season. A padel racket with a round format that favors the game of control. Its sweet spot is wide and centered so as not to lose control, even in non-centered hits.

The Stupaczuk padel racket has a 100% carbon composition, with a tubular for the frame and a resistant fiber for the faces. In its interior, it has a soft touch Eva Soft rubber, which favors the control game and reduces the vibrations generated by the impacts. The Stupa padel racket has technologies that complement the performance. Its faces have the rough finish Full Plane Effect, while the bridge has the piece Raptor Core to improve stability and reduce vibrations.

Star Vie Basalto Osiris

This is one of the most famous StarVie padel rackets from past collections, a padel racket that stands out for having basalt on its face. This material is added to the carbon fiber to improve the control of the hitting, besides the durability and the resistance to the wear. The Star Vie Basalt Osiris is a polyvalent padel racket, created to find a balance between control and power. Unlike its predecessor, this version now has the Star Balance piece on the bridge to improve balance and stability.

Star Vie Dronos Galaxy

The Dronos is a completely new padel racket, a model that had not been seen before. It is a polyvalent padel racket, for a balanced play between control and power. Its teardrop format allows for such versatility.

This padel racket has carbon in its structure, but the most outstanding feature is that aluminium has been incorporated in the faces, along with the carbon fibre. Aluminum not only improves the durability and strength of the padel racket, but also optimizes power and control. Its interior is made of a soft touch rubber Eva Soft and has Full Plane Effect, Star Balance and Aluminium Tubular System technologies.

Star Vie Kraken Pro

The Kraken Pro is a new padel racket, a completely new mold that has a very particular detail, has a thickness of 36mm, it means 2mm less than the rest of the padel rackets. This makes the padel racket feel a little lighter and more manageable, ideal for those looking for increased comfort. The padel racket is versatile, with a teardrop format to balance control and power.

The highlight is in its technology, with 3 new additions to the brand. Extra Sweet Spot is the extension of the sweet spot. Stiffness is a carbon reinforcement for the structure and Tubular Bicarbon is a more solid construction for the frame.

Star Vie Aquila Space

The Star Vie Aquila Space is a versatile teardrop format padel racket that can be adapted to any style of play. A padel racket with a solid 100% carbon construction, both for the frame and the faces and a core of Eva Soft inside.

The Aquila Space has technologies such as the Torsion System, to regulate padel racket stiffness and control padel racket torsion at key moments. It also has an anatomical design for the bridge, which improves the stability and balance of the padel racket.

Star Vie Aquila Space Pro

As with the Titania padel rackets, the Aquila ones also have their Pro version. A version that has only one change: it has a medium density core, that is, it is more solid to the touch. This means that the Space Pro version is more recommended for players looking for a more aggressive and powerful game.

The Pro version has the same 100% carbon structure and the technologies Torsion System, Aquila Core and the anatomical design of the bridge.

Star Vie Titania Kepler

The new Star Vie Titania Kepler is ideal for the player who prefers a manageable and very precise game. It has a round format with a centered and wide sweet spot, with a solid tubular 100% carbon. What makes this padel racket the best option for the control of intermediate players is that it has fiberglass layouts. A material a little less solid than carbon and with more elasticity. Its core is made of a soft touch Eva Soft rubber.

It has technologies such as Extreme Spot for a wider sweet spot and Reinforcement Torsion System to control the torsion of the structure and make it more durable to wear.

Star Vie Titania Kepler Pro

The Pro version of the Titania Kepler comes with a medium density core, instead of an Eva Soft rubber. With this feature, the padel racket offers a more solid hitting, ideal for hitting players looking for more power.

On the other hand, the padel racket shares all the features of the standard version, round format, carbon frame, fiberglass faces and same technologies of the Titania Kepler.

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