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New Bullpadel rackets collection

New Bullpadel rackets collection 2021: Hack Air AE vs Vertex 3 AE
New Bullpadel rackets collection 2021: Hack Air AE vs Vertex 3 AE

A new Bullpadel rackets collection has arrived for the 2021 season. A collection that commemorates the celebration of the first America vs Europe tournament, which brings together the stars of each continent. This launch comes with special editions of two of its most emblematic padel rackets, the Hack and the Vertex. Do not take off the screen to know all the details of the new Vertex 3 AE 2021 and the Hack AE 2021.

Analysis of the new Bullpadel AE rackets collection

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Official sponsor of the new padel tournament America vs Europe

The city of Bastad in Sweden was the venue for the first edition of the America vs Europe padel tennis tournament. An unprecedented exhibition, which managed to bring together the best masters of the rackets. During two days of competition, the best players from both continents faced each other within the four walls. The contest ended with the victory of America over Europe by a score of 11 points to 3.

Some of the stars who were present at this event were Paquito Navarro, Maxi Sánchez, Fede Chingotto, Juan Martín Díaz, Sanyo Gutiérrez, Agustín Tapia, Alejandro Galán, Miguel Lamperti, Pablo Lima and Fernando Belasteguín.

Bullpadel was the official sponsor of this event, with padel tennis rackets, a collection of special clothing and game balls. But, the most striking thing was the presentation of the two new special rackets, created with the bases of the Hack and the Vertex.

Characteristics of the Bullpadel Hack Air AE 21

The new Hack Air AE 2021 is based on Paquito Navarro’s Hack. A padel racket that specializes in power, for players who have aggressiveness in their blood. This padel racket has elements very similar to those of the Hack, such as VibraDrive, CustomWeight, Hesacore, Hack heart and the Metalshield protector. In addition, it also features the famous dual-density MultiEva core and a 100% carbon tubular frame.

The main differences with the Hack of 2021, is that this padel racket has a diamond format and 12K carbon fiber faces. These characteristics make the racket have an even more aggressive behavior. Additionally, Air React Channel technology has also been introduced to a Hack racket for the first time. This technology was present only in the rackets of the Vertex series.

Characteristics of the Bullpadel Vertex 3 AE 21

The Bullpadel Vertex AE is also a 100% power racket, with the same diamond format, high balance and a construction that also includes 12K carbon fiber faces. The MultiEva core is another of the similar features found on this racket. Similarly, VibraDrive, CustomWeight, MetalShield, Hesacore and Air React Channel technologies appear.

By seeing these characteristics in common, we can assure that both Hack AE and Vertex AE have a similar behavior. The only exclusive details of the Vertex are its rugged Top Spin flats to enhance spin shots and the Vertex heart, which has a different construction than the Hack, yet fulfills the same goal of optimizing balance.

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