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How does the heat influence our racket?


If you are going to play paddle tennis in summer, it is important to take into account everything that the heat could cause. And we are not only talking about caring for the body in the face of high temperatures, but also caring for the rackets. During the summer season, the padel rackets can undergo changes or alterations that are not convenient. Here, in the Padel Nuestro blog, we tell you how the heat affects the resistant padel racket and the best way to protect it.

The behavior of padel rackets during the summer

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Effects of the heat on padel racket

The materials of a padel racket are not exempt from alterations or changes due to external situations. One of the factors that influence this section is the ambient temperature. Through the years, it has been proven that the padel rackets change with respect to the climate, with specific variations when exposed to cold or heat. On this occasion, we have focused on how the heat affects the padel racket, since summer is about to begin.

When a padel racket receives a lot of heat during the summer season, it begins to have changes in its structure, changes that do not happen overnight, but that are noticeable when playing with it. The main alteration that a racket undergoes during heat is the hardness of its materials. Rackets become softer when exposed to high temperatures. This causes the power level to decrease, but on the other hand, the bounce of the ball and the ball output increase.

However, the changes mentioned above are not positive. First, modify the sensations that you already knew about that padel racket in the beginning. But, even more importantly, the change in the softness of the blade can result in a shorter life span, more prone to cracking and other structural damage.

The best way to protect your racket

To prevent the heat from affecting the padel racket, there are a series of measures that can be taken by the players. The first recommendation is to buy a padel bag or backpack that has specific thermal compartments for padel rackets. With this type of technology, it is avoided that the outside temperature can damage the rackets. The pallet rack is very convenient for transporting the rackets and equipment, but it also fulfills the function of protecting the padel rackets when they are not being used, either on the slopes or at home.

Without a doubt, the thermal padel racket is the best way to protect a racket when it is not in use. But what happens during games? Unfortunately there is no way to protect the racket during the heat when playing a game. However, the player could take certain measures to reduce the impact on the rackets. Some of the most recommended measures are to play in hours when the sun is not so intense, or take two or three rackets to replace them during a game and that they are not exposed to heat for a very long time.

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