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New rackets join the Siux Revolution family

 Siux Revolution padel rackets
Siux Revolution rackets

The new Siux Revolution rackets have arrived and have driven padel racket connoisseurs crazy. Four new models are added to the Siux padel 2021 collection, with the best of its technologies and materials to continue to please the most experienced players. Next, we tell you what it is about and why the world of padel has the new Revolution series in the spotlight.

The four new Siux Revolution rackets

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It is not the first time that we see a Revolution rackets. Previously, we witnessed the launch of famous weapons such as the Siux Diablo under this concept. Now, four other famous padel rackets have joined the Revolution family, four padel rackets that are already old acquaintances in this sport. We talk about Pegasus, Spyder, Spartan and Platinum.

These mythical models have been updated to be part of Revolution, a concept that brings the best technologies of the brand, with more advanced carbon fibers and with a much more complete professionalism. Next, we tell you the most important characteristics of the new Revolution rackets, so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

Siux Spyder Revolution

The Siux Spyder Revolution arrives preserving some of the features that made the Spyder famous. It is a padel racket with a diamond format and high balance, which stands out for its power but with a very outstanding control. This makes it one of the best multipurpose rackets of 2021. The great novelty of this version is the Revolution system. This refers to a new carbon flat tubular double frame, which is joined with a new four-arm bridge for increased stability. In addition, Shockout anti-vibrators are now incorporated to combat epicondylitis.

Additionally, the racket has 21K carbon faces and two additional layers of fiberglass. This creates an exquisite touch, with more comfort and ball output. For its part, the interior is composed of an Eva Soft High Recovery 5 Lamination rubber. This rubber is famous for its softness, so that hitting is comfortable and provides more bounce to the ball.

Siux Pegasus Revolution

Players are happy to see the famous Pegasus again in a 2021 edition. We are talking about one of the most famous padel rackets in history, which now joins the Revolution family. A teardrop-shaped racket with medium balance to offer perfect versatility. It’s great for professional gamers looking for a versatile weapon. This racket also has the double flat carbon tubular for the frame and the four-arm bridge for more stability, a characteristic of the Revolution series. Similarly, Shockout anti-vibrators appear to control vibrations and prevent elbow injuries.

For its part, the faces are composed of a 12K carbon fiber and two layers of fiberglass. This carbon fiber has a more elastic construction, which allows a more comfortable hit and with more bounce for the ball. The core is the same as the other padel rackets in the series, an Eva Soft rubber to highlight the softness, absorbency and ball output.

Siux Platinum Revolution

The famous Platinum still retains the essence of versatility that made it famous. But now, being part of the Revolution family, it has higher levels of control and power. This racket also has the double flat carbon tubular for the frame, the Shockout dampers and the Eva Soft High Recovery core, which are specific qualities of the Revolution series. However, it has special characteristics that make it unique. The faces of this racket are composed of a combination of 24K carbon fiber and Silver carbon. This fiber has a more elastic composition, which improves the rebound and the ball’s exit speed, in addition, it is one of the most resistant fibers on the market.

Siux Spartan Revolution

Spartan is a racket that is different from the rest, because it is focused 100% on power. That is why it is recommended for aggressive players, who are looking for a weapon that can provide more power than a multipurpose racket. The Siux Spartan Revolution features a teardrop shape and a medium-high balance, features that also allow you to retain your control.

Being part of the new Siux Revolution rackets, it has the double flat carbon tubular, Shockout technology and the Eva Soft High Recovery core. This power racket has 21K carbon fiber faces and two fiberglass blankets. Like the other padel rackets, it seeks to offer a very comfortable hit, but with great power.

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