Siux, the brand that raze the World Padel Tour

Siux, top brand arrives at Marbella Master
Siux, top brand arrives at Marbella Master

Padel Nuestro brings today one of the top brands of the padel market, Siux. The Spanish brand brings many novelties for this 2020 season and, in addition, many surprises. Do you want to know more about the official sponsor of the World Padel Tour’s pocket shop? Do not get off the screen because we come to tell great things.

Siux’s journey

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Siux began in 2012, a project born of an entrepreneurial and ambitious idea with the aim of becoming one of the most reference brands in the world of padel. It seems he has succeeded. After consolidating itself as a brand, Siux soon took out its first collection of rackets, which was so successful with the Siux Optimus, quickly gaining public recognition with being one of the rackets of the brand with more power.

With the triumph of his collection it did not take long to incorporate in his ranks one of the most important players of the moment, the Brazilian Chico Gomes located in the best positions in the international padel ranking.

In this way Siux made it clear that he was stomping and that he was here to stay for a long time.

Later, he built his own racket factory, since the brand considered that in this way they secured high quality racket models. This is how the team star, the Siux Diablo, emerged. A racket that created great acceptance among professional padel players and fans. From that moment and in just three years, Siux consolidated itself as one of the best brands in the paddle market. In addition to manufacturing rackets we can find a wide variety of accessories such as paleteros or Siux padel clothes.

To this day, it continues to reap triumphs and successes, covering all the needs of the players favorably, becoming one of the most important brands worldwide.

The Siux Team

The first player to join their ranks was Chico Gomes, as we mentioned before. Years later, Team Siux was growing and in 2016 Siux announced the signing of Cristian Gutiérrez, which marked a before and after in the brand.Some days ago, Siux dismissed this great player with great affection and affection.

Currently the brand has more than twenty players in its team, ranked among the top 100 in the ranking. Recently, the brand announced its new signings to its troops, among which is Álvaro Cepero, Mati Marina and, lastly, Javi Ruíz.

Not only do we find these players, Team Siux is made up of other great players like Lucho Capra, the brilliant Celeste Paz or the great No. 1 in Portugal, Antonio Luque. In this way, Siux would become one of the most influential brands in the world of padel internationally.

The best technologies

Siux has its own racket factory and of course, they invest in the best technologies to build their weapons. Siux takes care of every part of the racket in detail, from the head to the fist without forgetting any element. It already has about 20 models aimed at professional players, where we will make a brief summary of the technologies they use and incorporate in the rackets.

  • BiTube Carbon Frame: This is a 3K interlaced carbon bitubular located in the frame of the racket giving it extra strength and durability.
  • Eva Soft: A rubber created by experts in order to create a racket with great touch, firmness and high recovery. You can also find the Eva Soft High Resistance rubber, a soft rubber with five laminations with great resistance and offering the maximum rebound of the ball.
  • 3D Hexagon Face: This technology is presented on the surface of the racket with a rough touch to provide a distinctive touch to the racket compared to others. It is a translucent 3D print.
  • Vibrastop: This vibrator is incorporated in the most top rackets of the brand. Reduce the vibrations of each impact to avoid possible injuries.
  • Anti-Vibration System: An anti-vibration system located on the bridge of the racket that gives rigidity and stability.
  • Epoxy Resin: It is one of the essential components in the manufacture of rackets. This technology fuses the rubber fibers in a solid and resistant way.
  • 21K Carbon: We find one of the most resistant materials on the market with this component increases the feeling of beating and has a soft touch.

The jump from Siux to the World Padel Tour

Just a month ago, Siux announced that it would become the official sponsor of the padelbags of the World Padel Tour. Siux will be in charge of it throughout the championship.

The brand will be present in the 18 official championship tournaments comprised of: five Challengers, eleven Opens, and two Masters. The company will have in all these events a stand in which it will take all its products so that attendees can acquire their star products. Next month, specifically from March 2 to 8, the Marbella Master will take place, the first event of the season where Siux will have its stand loaded with news.

No doubt Siux has no limits and is demonstrating it, a great season awaits with the help of its new racket collection and as a WPT sponsor.

New Siux Collection

After the announcement of his collaboration with the World Padel Tour, he soon showed up the Siux padel rackets of the new collection. Where can we find:

  • Tsunami 4.0: This racket can be found in a red, green, blue-gloss and blue-matt version. A racket with a perfect balance between control and power. A racket intended for the most versatile players. We can also find it in its Luxury version.

  • Velvet Pro 2.0: An explosion of color for the most ambitious and demanding players.

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