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Presentation fo the Head padel rackets 2021

Head padel rackets
Serie Graphene 360+ Alpha from the new Head 2021 padel rackets collection

The new collection of Head 2021 padel rackets brought with it several novelties worthy of note. Most of the players who are familiar with it, already knew about the incredible work that head has been doing over the last few years and this year, it does it even better. The new collection of head padel rackets is presented, preserving all the essence of the models of the previous collection. We see again old and successful ones known as the padel rackets of the graphene series, as well as the gamma series and the flash series, but all that greatness comes represented with totally renewed designs, as well as new moulds and superior performance.

That is why the Padel Nuestro blog feels the obligation to share this collection, which will undoubtedly become one of the most successful of the season.

COLECtion of HEAD padel rackets 2021

Contenidos de la noticia


Sanyo Gutierrez’s new padel racket has arrived for the 2021 season. A padel racket that arrives with a totally new image, a black and white design never seen before. It arrives with the polyvalent essence that has characterized it for a long time. A padel racket with incredible control and power, which makes it feel like a glove.

Once again we see Graphene 360+ technology, incorporating graphene into the structure for improved control and power. The teardrop shape of this padel racket allows for a pleasant feeling of handling, but also of power.

This padel racket has Head’s most recognized technologies such as the custom-made frame, the Power Foam core, a foam that favors power, the Smart Bridge that adapts to the playing style of each padel racket and the Anti Shock protector for the frame.


This is the new version of Ariana Sánchez’s padel racket. The Head Graphene 360+ Alpha Motion comes with that new black and white color combination of 2021. In terms of technologies and materials, it is exactly the same as Sanyo’s padel racket, but transferred to a 100% women’s model. The Alpha Motion is a versatile female padel racket for advanced and professional players.

This padel racket also features a graphene construction, Smart Bridge, Power Foam core and the Anti-Shock Frame Protector. The only difference is that it has a slightly lighter construction, with 10 grams reduced.


The new Head Graphene 360+ Alpha Elite is a new version for the Alpha series. It is a padel racket that shares the same essence of power and handling as the Pro and Motion, but with a softer feel. In fact, this is the main difference with the previous padel rackets. To achieve this, Head has created some fiberglass faces. Unlike carbon and graphene, this material is a little more flexible, making the hit more comfortable.

Despite this difference, the padel racket also features Graphene 360+ technology for the frame, as well as a Power Foam core for powerful hitting. Anti-Shock and Smart Bridge technologies are also included in this padel racket.


The Head Graphene 360 Gamma Pro also belongs to the Head’s wider range of padel rackets. A padel racket for professional players looking for versatility. The particular quality of this padel racket is that it has a unique format, a format that resembles an hexagon and that is not so common in the market. The aim of this hybrid format is to improve control and power equally.

This padel racket also has Graphene 360 technology to incorporate graphene into the structure. Besides, technologies such as the Power Foam core, the Smart Bridge, the Flexible Chassis construction and the Anti-Shock Frame Protector appear.

The Pro version of the Gamma has been created for the male audience. A padel racket that has another peculiarity in its design, each side of the face has a different color combination. For this model, one of the sides is black and blue, while the other side has a black and red design.


The Head Graphene 360 Gamma Motion is the female version of the Gamma series. A polyvalent padel racket for advanced and professional players. Unlike the male version, this padel racket has a different color combination and a reduced weight, with 10 grams less.

The Gamma Motion shares all the materials and technologies of the Gamma Pro. Starting with the inclusion of graphene to shape the faces and the frame. It also has a Power Foam rubber core that allows for powerful hitting without losing comfort. Besides, other technologies such as Smart Bridge, Flexible Chassis and Anti Shock appear to protect the padel racket frame.


The Head Evo Sanyo is one of the most special padel rackets in the collection, because it is inspired by the design of Sanyo’s professional padel racket. The difference is that this padel racket is aimed at beginners who are learning to play padel.

Despite being a beginner’s padel racket, it boasts a top-quality construction. It has a carbon frame reinforced with Innegra, one of the most advanced fibers of the moment. Besides, it has Power Frame technology that reinforces the frame to provide more power.


The Head Alpha Junior Sanyo is a padel racket for boys and girls, inspired by Sanyo Gutierrez’s professional padel racket, in fact, it shares the same aesthetic. This padel racket is perfect for the junior player looking for a handy weapon, but with top-quality materials.

The padel racket has a 100% carbon frame, reinforced with an integrated protector to resist hits. And to balance its playability, a soft touch Foam core, to avoid vibrations and increase ball output. This padel racket is 3mm shorter than an adult padel racket, to adapt to the physiognomy of junior players.


The Head Flash Pro 2021 is one of the most famous padel rackets of the brand and the market. It is a padel racket for beginners or intermediate players, but it has advanced materials as if it were a high-end padel racket. With this padel racket you can get the maximum power at a reasonable price.

The Flash Pro 2021 has a solid carbon construction, which allows for a more solid feel to hit with more power. However, everything is perfectly balanced thanks to its soft-touch Foam core, for improved control and reduced vibration. Plus, this padel racket has a technology that expands the sweet spot, to make it easier for beginners to hit. This padel racket also has a protector incorporated into the frame to protect it from hits.


The Head Flash 2021 is another version of this series, but with more manageability and lightness for those seeking a more comfortable game. Like the Pro version, it has a carbon construction, a Foam core and the technologies to expand its sweet spot. However, this padel racket has a few grams of lower weight, so that the padel racket feels a little more manageable.

The Flash has been considered the best padel racket in quality-price in the collection, for beginners who are looking for unbeatable quality.


This is the female version of Flash 2021. Another handy and lightweight padel racket for beginner and even intermediate level players. Like the men’s version, it features a solid, durable carbon construction, complemented by a frame protector and Extended Impact Zone technology that makes the sweet spot wider. It also has a soft-touch Power Foam rubber core, which promotes rebound and vibration absorption.

The only difference between the male and female Flash versions is in its design. This padel racket has an exclusive color combination for them, with an aesthetic in black, blue and pink.

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