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Black Crown Piton Nakano 15K, the racket of Marta Marrero

Marta Marrero with the Black Crown Piton Nakano 15K
Marta Marrero with the Black Crown Piton Nakano 15K

The women’s padel has grown more than ever. The players now have the latest technology rackets, made specifically for them by the most prestigious brands. One of the most famous weapons of the moment is the new racket of Marta Marrero, top player of the World Padel Tour. We are talking about the Black Crown Piton Nakano 15K, a weapon that combines high-quality materials with technology for professional performance. Padel Nuestro has the analysis of one of the most recent additions to the catalog of women’s Black Crown Rackets this season.

Analysis of the new racket of Marta Marrero 2021

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A racket for advanced players and professionals looking for versatility

Before going into the technical details of the padel racket, it is important to mention who it was created for. This racket is recommended for advanced and professional level players. Due to the quality of its materials, the racket acquires a more aggressive and hard essence. That is why it is recommended for players who already have experience on the court and who are looking for a competition weapon.

Regarding the style of play, the racket of Marta Marrero is versatile. This means that it can behave in a versatile way on the track. With this padel racket you can hit the ball with great power to finish a point. But, it also has excellent control for the moments in which the opponent’s attack must be defended. The new Black Crown Piton Nakano 15 is one of the rackets with the best balance between power and control.

Racket Black Crown Piton Nakano 15k
Racket Black Crown Piton Nakano 15k

Best carbon build

Regarding its materials and construction, the first thing that can be observed is a round format. The crown firm has chosen this shape so that the padel racket has a centered and wider sweet spot. These characteristics make the control part of this racket stand out. The Piton Nakano 15K boasts a carbon construction. For the frame, this material has only been incorporated into 80% of its structure, so it can maintain some flexibility and feel more manageable.

The best is in the faces of the padel racket, with a 15K carbon fiber. This fiber is much more resistant than a common one, making the contact can develop more power. But, also, it stands out for having better reactivity and rebound, so that the ball output obtains more speed.

New higher performance core

Inside, the racket has a component that helps to find a more exact versatility. Super Control Black Eva has been incorporated. It is a new rubber that was developed for this season. It is characterized by its versatility in its composition, that is, it has the perfect hardness so that it does not feel so solid or so elastic. This allows the ball to be hit with great power, but also with the precision that distinguishes a control racket. Another of the most notable characteristics of this rubber is that it has excellent vibration absorbency, this prevents elbow injuries such as epicondylitis. And of course, it is also a very durable material that guarantees good resistance despite the wear caused by the constant impacts of the ball.

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