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Siux Revolution! The first racket in the new series will be the diablo

Siux revolution
Siux Revolution

One of the most famous brands in the world of padel will start 2021 in a big way. Siux creates the new Siux Revolution line, it is a restyling of the models that have marked the history of the Spanish brand. The first model to undergo this real innovation could only be the famous Siux Diablo. Later we will see the release of other historic models of the brand such as: Siux Pegasus, Siux Black Carbon or Siux Spyder.


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The main novelties of this new and luxurious series are mainly three: the innovative materials, the collaboration with ShockOut and the new Revolution system.


As for the new Siux Diablo Revolution, three models will be launched: Siux Diablo Revolution 3K, Siux Diablo Revolution 12K and Siux Diablo Revolution 24K. As we can see from the name, the difference between the three versions lies in the type of carbon. The 3k is the hardest carbon, the 24k is the softest and the 12k is positioned as the intermediate between the two.


But let’s talk about the close collaboration between Siux and ShockOut. The Spanish brand has decided to make its rackets among the safest on the market as they are at risk of injury. And what could be better than the incorporation of the SchockOut anti-vibration system directly into the structure of the racket? This is how these Siux Diablo Revolution are born, with an anti-vibration system of 4 shock-outs located in the lower area of the structure which, together with the extremely stable characteristics of the Diablo model, make these racquets among the best on the market for those suffering from elbow disorders or to the shoulder.

Siux Diablo Revolution with ShockOut
Siux Diablo Revolution with ShockOut


What does this new Revolution system consist of? It involves the use of a flat tubular in the frame of the racket, which, together with its four-arm bridge (similar to that of the Trilogy), guarantees greater absorption of vibrations and greater consistency and firmness during the hit. The Diablo will be the first to incorporate this change and will be followed by other emblematic models of the brand as mentioned above.

Siux Revolution System
Siux Revolution System


Together with the innovations listed above, we see in detail the unchanged characteristics of a model that has become the emblem of quality and reliability. We find the classic inverted drop shape that has always characterized this model together with a medium balance, ideal for guaranteeing that much loved and sought after balance between power and control. Inside, the laminated Ultra Soft High Recovery EVA rubber core is kept, a perfect material to help us in the accuracy of our shots and to help the anti-vibration system do its duty. The response and release of the ball are also excellent.


Without a doubt, this new line is probably the pinnacle of high-end padelrackets. The new line will be the protagonist of this 2021 and several players of the Siux team will use it in the famous World Padel Tour circuit.

Furthermore, in our opinion, the Siux Diablo in concrete is a racquet that, despite being intended for advanced and professional level players, is also perfect for those with an intermediate level. In fact, it can help us fill in the gaps that we sometimes notice in the racquet we are playing with, such as a lack of extra power or control. In these cases, Diablo comes to our rescue, helping us to improve our technique and make us give that extra leap to become better players.

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