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Royal Padel 31st Anniversary 2021, the most commemorative padel racket of the firm

Royal Padel 31st Anniversary 2021, the brand's new racket
Royal Padel 31st Anniversary 2021, the brand’s new racket

A new version of a commemorative racket has arrived, Royal Padel 31st Anniversary 2021. The firm celebrates each year of success with a unique padel racket. On this occasion, the racket that commemorates the 31 years of the Spanish padel firm has arrived, with the best quality that identifies it. Padel Nuestro has all the details of the Royal Padel control rackets and know their technologies, materials and the most suitable type of player to obtain a better performance with it.

Analysis of the Royal Padel 31st Anniversary 2021

Contenidos de la noticia

A versatile weapon for any style of play

The great advantage of the Royal Padel 31 Aniversario 2021 is that its behavior is very versatile. That is, it can provide a lot of power when the player hits hard. But it also guarantees excellent control when the player needs to defend the point. This makes it one of the best multipurpose rackets of the 2021 season. Shots like spikes, trays and offensive volleys feel very powerful, thanks to its high-density rubber and solid materials such as carbon. But, the racket also feels manageable thanks to its round format and the elasticity of its interior.

Regarding the level of play, it is recommended that it be chosen by advanced level players onwards. It is a weapon that should be used by those who have good hitting technique and precision in their game. Without a doubt, it is the perfect weapon for competition padel tennis.

Royal Padel 31 Anniversary 2021 racket
Royal Padel 31 Anniversary 2021 racket

100% polyethylene core with more reactivity

The most outstanding quality of this version is in its interior. A 100% polyethylene core has been chosen. It is a material that, unlike the classic Eva, is somewhat softer. This makes contact with the ball more comfortable and with a good bounce. It is a similar sensation to that of the rackets that have a Foam core. However, the polyethylene of this padel racket has a higher density, so as not to neglect the power at any time. In fact, the aggressiveness of the racket is one of its main qualities, which are beyond control.

Core of the Royal Padel 31st Anniversary 2021 - Source: Royal Padel web
Core of the Royal Padel 31st Anniversary 2021 – Source: Royal Padel web

This core has a rapid recovery, returning to its original shape immediately. This results in a much higher bounce, so that the ball is thrown with greater speed.

Another of the great advantages, and that, in fact, is one of the best known qualities of polyethylene, is its absorbency of vibrations. This padel racket is considered one of the most comfortable, which prevents vibrations from reaching the elbow.

Hybrid carbon and fiberglass construction

The external structure of the padel racket also plays a very important role in developing its performance on the court. First of all, the racket has an oversize round mold. This format is characterized by having a larger head than normal, making its sweet spot more extensive. This prevents control from decreasing when contact with the ball is made with the outside of the faces.

As for the materials of the Royal Padel 31st Anniversary 2021, the frame is reinforced with a Carbon Tech carbon fiber. This fiber is very resistant, with excellent durability despite the great wear and tear on professional padel .

The faces are made of a FiberTech fiberglass fabric. This is one of the brand’s best-known fibers, which have been very successful over the years. This material has the great advantage of having more flexibility, making the contact more comfortable and that the ball carries more speed in the exit. In addition, this fiberglass is very resistant to wear and tear from constant impacts.





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