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Do you already know the best padel rackets with graphene?

The best padel rackets with graphene
The best padel rackets with graphene

Every season, we see more padel brands join the trend of using graphene in their rackets. A material that has become very popular in the recent era, which is generally present in advanced level padel rackets onwards or in intermediate level rackets of high prestige brands. Now we will present you the best padel rackets with graphene 2021, but first let us explain you how this material works.

Graphene is recognized for its incredible strength, which surpasses that of other materials such as steel. The great advantage is that, despite being solid and durable, it is light, so it does not compromise on the comfort of a racket. In addition, it provides other benefits that directly affect the game such as the feel of the touch, graphene provides a softer and more comfortable touch, which improves the control of the players. Next, we present you some of the best rackets of 2021 that have graphene in their composition.

The best padel rackets with graphene in 2021

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Head Graphene 360+ Alpha Pro

The Sanyo Gutiérrez padelracket is one of the most famous rackets that have graphene in its composition. Head presents this material in its best padel rackets, through Graphene 360+ technology. This material makes the padel feel much more comfortable and has an incredible level of response, giving the ball more control and bounce. This padel racket is versatile, for professionals looking for a balance between maneuverability and power. With a teardrop format, medium balance and a Power Foam core, composed of a foam that increases the speed of the ball.

Siux Diablo Revolution 24k

The new Siux Diablo Revolution 24K is one of the most advanced rackets of the 2021 season. Graphene is present on its faces, but what makes it even better is that it is combined with a 24K carbon fiber. In this way, a more elastic material is created, with a much better reactivity to the impact of the ball.

The Diablo Revolution 24K is a versatile weapon for professional gamers looking for a versatile game. It has an inverted drop format, a frame made up of a double carbon tube and an Eva Soft rubber core. With the combination of these materials, the padel racket acquires that essence of versatility that it needs. In addition, this racket has Shockout, small silicone cylinders that are inserted in the holes of the racket, to reduce vibrations.Definitely one of the best padel rackets with graphene.

Vibora Liquid King Cobra

The new Vibor-a Liquid King Cobra is a 100% power racket, for the most aggressive professional players. That is why it has a diamond format and a high balance, making its head heavier and with a sweet spot located in the highest part of the faces.

This racket presents one of the most solid constructions of today. It boasts a 100% carbon frame and 12K carbon fiber faces. These materials make the touch feel harder, an ideal feature for aggressive players. In addition, it has a Black Eva Soft rubber, which has a medium hardness, to be able to hit with a lot of power without losing control.

Head Flash Woman 2021

The Head Flash Woman 2021 padel racket is a weapon for intermediate level players onwards who are looking for a good quality. In fact, this racket is considered one of the best options in terms of value for money, for those who do not want to spend a huge amount of money. It is a padel racket  that is characterized by its great manageability. It has a Power Foam core composed of a foam that favors power, but is very soft and absorbs vibrations. In addition, this racket has an integrated protector on the frame, guaranteeing a longer durability despite impacts with the walls of the court.

Siux Pegasus Grafeno 1K

This racket came as an update to the Pegasus, one of Siux’s most famous weapons. It comes for professional players looking for a balance between control and power. The great novelty of this padel racket is that it has a layer of graphene on its faces, added to the 1K carbon fiber. These materials offer the best mix between aggressiveness and comfort when hitting the ball. On the other hand, there is a 100% carbon frame and an Eva Soft High Recovery rubber core. This rubber has a fast recovery that takes the ball exit speed to maximum levels.

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