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New K-Swiss padel shoes 2021 collection

New 2021 K-Swiss padel shoes
New 2021 K-Swiss padel shoes

The American footwear firm had excellent results in padel during the 2020 season, with models that became favorites of many players. For this year, they seek not only to maintain that performance, but to improve it. That is why they have presented the update of their best K-Swiss padel shoes, to continue offering the best quality to padel players who take the sport seriously.

New collection of K-Swiss padel shoes 2021

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K-Swiss Ultrashot 3

The third version of the famous Ultrashot arrives more explosive than ever. A shoe for young and competitive players, who move quickly on the court. They have an upper that is composed of breathable mesh and synthetic reinforcements to offer stability, support and resistance. In addition, they boast a CMEVA midsole with the famous Surge 7.0 cushioning technology, which guarantees a soft footprint. The Ultrashot 3 also have Plantar Chassis Support technology to give stability to lateral movements.

K-Swiss Hypercourt Supreme HB

The new Hypercourt Supreme HB were created for the professional padel player who seeks speed in their movements, as well as a greater sensation of energy return. This model also features Surge 7.0 absorbent material, which also stands out for its responsiveness to propel the player forward. Unlike the Ultrashot, this shoe has an exterior that has synthetic leather, this creates a more robust and stable structure that protects the feet.

K-Swiss Hypercourt Express 2

In 2021 the second version of the best-selling Kswiss padel tennis shoes arrives. This model is famous and is recognized for its lightness, comfort and breathability. This shoe is very versatile and can be adapted to any player regardless of their level or style of play. It boasts a synthetic leather exterior and breathable zones, with Durawrap Flex technology to provide support without losing flexibility. In addition, it has Surgelite cushioning, a small version of the famous Surge but also provides a professional performance.

The Hypercort Express 2 arrived this season with an HB sole (herringbone) for the models in blue-black, gray for women and black-blue. In addition, a model of the Hypercourt Express 2 was also presented in white-gray with a hybrid sole, which has a tread that can be adapted to different types of courts.

K-Swiss Express Light 2

The famous Express Light are also one of Kswiss’s best-selling shoes, and they now arrive in their second version to be better than before. A shoe that can be chosen by any player, as it has a new design that offers more stability without losing comfort and lightness. This new upper has a greater amount of synthetic material, to hold the feet more strongly. In addition, they have a CMEVA midsole for cushioning and a rigid piece on the outside to create support on lateral supports.

These shoes are available with a hybrid sole or with a HB (herringbone) sole. Similarly, the second version of the Express Light comes in different color combinations such as white-peach and gray-peach in the women’s catalog and blue-gray in the men’s catalog.

K-Swiss Bigshot Light 4

The Bigshot Light is one of the most desired Kswiss shoes because it is one of the models with the best value for money. These shoes offer a combination of lightness, comfort, support for the tread and breathability. They have a resistant upper, made of synthetic leather to be more stable. In addition, they boast the cushioning of CMEVA, an absorbent foam that reduces the impact of the tread. The Bigshot Light 4 are perfect for gamers looking for the best K-Swiss technologies at a more affordable price.

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