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Nox launches a new line of padel shoes

Nox padel shoes collection 2021
Nox padel shoes collection 2021

The Spanish padel firm has surprised with the launch of a new collection of shoes. An offer of footwear that was created exclusively for padel, to be on the feet of the most experienced. The new Nox padel shoes have recently developed technology and have been approved by experts. You cannot miss all the details in this complete analysis, by the hand of the Padel Nuestro blog.

Padel shoes Nox 2021

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Some shoes recommended by podiatrists

Without a doubt, one of the most striking aspects of the new Nox padel shoes is that they are committed to the health of the players. They have been analyzed and approved under a clinical team. In this way, it is possible to guarantee greater protection against injuries and foot discomfort. Marta Rueda, podiatrist at the Martín Rueda Center for Foot Studies, is the one who has endorsed these shoes. Marta, has a long experience in the care of the elite athlete.

Padel is an intense sport, with jumps, movements and lateral supports. That is why each of the player’s requirements has been taken into account. This is the best way to ensure good performance, but also to ensure player safety.

Responsive cushioning technology

Cushioning is one of the most important elements of these shoes. In fact, there are three different compounds that make it up. The first of these is AbraXone, an injected phylon midsole that gives a soft footprint. In addition, it provides energy return so that the player feels more propelled when moving. Added to it, AGG technology is incorporated in the heel area. This is the part of the foot that receives the most impact. This technology gives the heel greater height, with a higher drop for extra comfort. Plus, it has the added benefits of improving snatching and reducing calf strain.

Finally, the new Nox AT10 shoes feature a removable Ortholite insole. This insole has antibacterial technology and also offers extra absorbency for the comfort of the tread.

A high comfort exterior construction

The exterior of the shoes is made of breathable mesh. This mesh allows air to enter and exit to dry sweat more quickly. But, it is also reinforced with synthetic materials that have the objective of improving stability, subjection and support. These materials go all the way to the toe area for added toe protection. In addition, the shoes have a padded collar and tongue, to avoid foot discomfort and improve comfort.

A 100% padel rubber sole

To close with a flourish, the Nox AT10 padel shoes have a sole made specifically for better performance on padel. A sole made of a highly durable and resistant rubber. This sole has Grip technology, which is presented with a tread that combines the herringbone and micro dots. In this way, an optimal grip and freedom for sliding in different conditions is achieved. Finally, the sole also has Lateral Support technology, a greater height on the sides to give more stability to the tread and prevent twisting.

An attractive range of colors available

The Nox 2021 shoe collection has five different models and several sizes available. Four of those models feature a classic black design, with yellow, red and orange accents. But a new and elegant white design was also presented.


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