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Mizuno padel shoes: the shoes you need!

The Japanese footwear firm has once again presented a collection of shoes to jump onto the padel courts. Its most famous models have been renewed with more quality and new technologies to continue reigning in professional padel tennis. Next, we present a summary of the characteristics of the footwear and where to buy Mizuno padel shoes.

New padel shoes Mizuno 2021

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Mizuno Wave Exceed Tour 4 CC

The Mizuno Wave Exceed Tour 4 is now lighter, faster and more stable than ever. One of the flagship models of the brand, which now comes with the famous D-Flex Groove technology integrated in a better way to optimize turns and have greater acceleration. The upper of these shoes is one of its strongest points, composed of a breathable mesh that is covered by a kind of synthetic material mesh, which provides more support, support, stability and resistance to wear and tear. In addition, the Exceed boast PoWnCe, the best shock absorbing system of the brand, for a smooth ride and with energy return. Finally, the famous X10 rubber sole is incorporated, recognized for its high resistance to wear and abrasion.

Mizuno Wave Intense Tour 5 CC

As its name suggests, the Mizuno Wave Intense Tour were created for an intense game of padel. They are perfect for hard-hitting players who specialize in speed. This model is designed with a wider sole so that the player has better support in lateral movements. Without a doubt, the best thing about these shoes is their cushioning, provided by AP + technology, which in this version has a double density to be able to behave softly, but also explosively. In addition to this technology, the Wave compound appears, to offer an extra cushioning. This model also features the famous X10 outsole from other models, with a herringbone pattern for the best traction on artificial grass.

Mizuno Wave Exceed SL 2 CC

The new Wave Exceed SL 2 CC have been created for padel players looking for a light and comfortable shoe. The player who constantly uploads to the net and seeks speed is the most suitable for this model. It has an upper made of a lightweight and breathable mesh, which keeps feet cool at all times and does not add a lot of weight to the shoe. This model also features D-Flex Groove to improve acceleration and provide more stability. With regard to cushioning, the Wave Exceed SL 2 have the PoWnCe system, accompanied by the Wave foam. With these two elements, the Japanese firm guarantees a cushioned but also explosive footprint. This version features the X10 rubber outsole with Clay /herringbone tread.

Mizuno Breakshot 3 CC

The Breakshot 3 are special shoes within the new Mizuno 2021 collection, because it is a shoe created especially for beginner players. These shoes have everything necessary for learning players to feel comfortable on the court and to develop their technique. They have a breathable mesh and synthetic materials exterior. In addition, they have a foam midsole that absorbs the impacts of the tread. The Breakshot 3 have a flat and flexible sole, which facilitates movement for beginners. The CC version of the shoe has a herringbone sole, with high levels of grip on the ground.

Mizuno Breakshot 3 AC

The AC version of the Breakshot is the one with a mixed pattern sole. The lower area of the outsole has variations in its patterns, in order to adapt to tracks with different types of surface. Otherwise, all the characteristics of Breakshot 3 are maintained: a breathable upper, an absorbent midsole and they are also aimed at beginner-level players.

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