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 Siux Subzero  padel racket
Analize of the new Siux Subzero

Padel Nuestro is pleased to present the new Siux padel rackets. The new Siux Subzero comes to the market to challenge the elements, and the brand from Murcia has baptized it under that slogan. Although the release has been very recent, the opinions of the Siux Subzero are very good, since it is a complete padel racket in every sense.

Don’t leave the screen because we will know all its best kept secrets.


Contenidos de la noticia


This padel racket has been made and oriented to those players who want to continue growing in the padel courts and perfecting their game of power. They are ideal for those who have an advanced – professional level.  It has a diamond shape, careful and millimetered to the smallest detail to not miss any hit that requires absolute force. The new Siux Subzero has a medium balance, so the weight is distributed by both heights of the padel racket and will allow you to make full power hits without losing control of the ball.

This professional padel racket has been designed with a perfect color combination. Where the elegance and distinction is noticed on all sides of the padel racket. Its smooth – glossy finish, helps the player to be more flexible and gives a plus of control to his game.


This padel racket belongs to the Siux Premium Series, which means quality and high performance. The frame of this padel racket is made up of a double 100% carbon tubular, which makes the padel racket ultra resistant, thus avoiding future breakages. Besides, it has a great rigidity against power hits.

The neck has Kevlar carbon reinforcement, making the padel racket even more resistant and eliminating most of the vibrations produced during matches. It is designed to avoid future injuries to elbows and shoulders of padel players, like the most feared among them: epicondylitis.

Finally, the layouts are made of Total Elastic 1K carbon, a light and robust material that provides a perfect balance in the most decisive hits. Besides, the new Siux technology is added to help the player hit accurately the hits from the bottom of the court that require great power.

Don’t forget that the inside of the padel racket is made of a 5-layer Eva Black Soft High Recovery rubber. Offering the Subzero Siux wielder a quick recovery after the hit. Not only that, but the padel racket also offers exceptional rebound and cushioning.


Now we know why the opinions of the Siux Subzero are so positive. This is a very complete padel racket: perfect power, lightness, quality materials, manageability and control. But to all this we must add the most advanced technologies on the market. The Bitube Carbon Frame, is a technology found in the double tube that forms a 3K interlocking offering the player an unparalleled firmness.

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