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Supra Carbon 21 padel racket, the star model from Enebe

New Enebe Supra padel racket
New Enebe Supra Carbon 2021  racket

The new Supra Carbon 21 racket from Enebe aims to become one of the most successful shovels of the season. This Enebe padel rackets, has been used by the professional Javi Rico, it is the most emblematic of the brand. The Padel Nuestro blog has analyzed it completely, so that players know it thoroughly and understand why it is one of the recommendations of this season.

The complete analysis of the Enebe Supra Carbon 21 racket

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A pro-level all-terrain padel racket

When we say that it is an off-road racket, we mean that it is versatile. That is, they can behave aggressively, but also with a lot of control. This allows it to be used by any player, regardless of their style of play. Close to the net, the padel racket has a very aggressive behavior. It is a lethal weapon when executing a shot for three, an offensive volley or a layup to unbalance the opponent. This is achieved because the racket is made of rigid materials, which favor the offensive of the padel racket.

On the other hand, the racket also has a friendly side, with a lot of control and manageability. These qualities are convenient when the player needs to defend a point. This allows the player to be able to resist an opponent’s attack and prepares the point to return to the offensive.

The Supra Carbon 21 padel racket  is a racket that are within the highest range of the brand. A racket aimed at advanced and professional level players. If you are a technical player who plays competitive matches and tournaments, this is the weapon for you.

Composition 100% carbon

Entering fully into its technical characteristics, the padel racket has a teardrop format. This type of format is the most suitable for versatility. However, it has a medium-high balance that makes it behave in a more aggressive way. In fact, the racket is very versatile, but its strongest point is the attack.

The material used for its composition is carbon. It is present both in the frame and on the faces of the racket. For the faces, a 3K carbon fiber has been used, which is more solid than ordinary carbon fiber. In this way, it is possible to achieve a plus of aggressiveness and power in the blow. In addition, this racket has Triple-Bridge technology, a structure for the bridge that has a more resistant construction that seeks stability and rigidity in the area. This triple bridge is also very convenient to reduce the vibrations generated in each impact.

High-tech rubber core

The inside of the padel racket is the area that allows you to find that versatility, with excellent control. It has an Eva HR3 Soft Black rubber. It is a balanced rubber, with a medium touch that is neither so hard nor so soft. In this way, the player manages to hit the ball having a good balance between ball output, power and vibration absorbency.


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