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Liquid series, the first Vibora 2021 rackets collection!

Preview of the Vibor-A 2021 Collection - Liquid Series
Preview of the Vibora 2021  rackets Collection – Liquid Series

The Vibora 2021 rackets collection has arrived. One of the most anticipated by padel tennis fans, especially by those experienced who are looking for the best quality. The reptile padel firm has been characterized by its professionalism, as its padel rackets exceed quality standards in order to be suitable at the competition level. Padel Nuestro presents a summary with the most important characteristics of each racket, so that you can choose the one that best suits your style of play.

The Liquid series of the Vibora 2021 rackets collection

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This new collection comes under the concept ”Liquid”. This concept is not new, it had already been presented in previous years, however, this season it again accompanies each of the padel rackets. Liquid refers to the harmony that exists between the components, materials and technologies of the racket, which achieve a fluidity in its operation.

Vibor-a Liquid King Cobra

This is the new padel racket of Martín Sánchez Piñeiro, top player on the World Padel Tour. The King Cobra Liquid is the most powerful weapon in the collection of Vibora 2021 rackets, created for an aggressive game to close a point with force. That is why it is recommended for the more technical professional players, who know where to make contact when looking for aggressiveness.

The padel racket has a diamond format, the most suitable for the attack game. This format has a sweet spot located in the highest part of the faces, that is where all the power is found. The racquet has 12K carbon fiber faces, a solid material, ideal for aggressive players. In addition, it has a solid carbon tubular to make up the frame. For its part, the core is made of a Black Eva Soft rubber. This rubber has a well balanced hardness, so that the hit is comfortable, but also with good power. The faces of the racket also have a rough texture, which improves the effects when making cut hits.

Vibor-a Mamba Liquid

The new Mamba Liquid is the official padel racket of Maxi Grabiel, another of the top players on the World Padel Tour. This racket is versatile, that is, it seeks a balance between control and power. Its versatility allows it to attack aggressively when close to the net, but it also has a control side, which allows it to bring down the rival attack to the back of the court. This racket also belongs to the highest range, aimed at professional level players.

In terms of materials and technologies, it is no different from the other rackets in the collection. It also has a carbon frame and 12K carbon fiber planes. Similarly, the Black Eva Soft core is incorporated to hit with power, but without losing comfort.

The difference in this racket, which makes it versatile, is its format and its balance. The padel racket has a teardrop format and medium balance. This means that the weights are well balanced between the grip and the head of the padel racket. Also, the sweet spot is located between the midpoint and the highest part of the faces.

Vibor-a Liquid Naya

The new Vibor-a Liquid Naya is a 100% female racket, aimed exclusively at professional level players. In fact, it is the official padel racket of Alba Galán, one of the best players on the circuit. This racket also focuses on creating a multipurpose playability, with good levels of control and power.

It also has a teardrop format, medium balance, 12K carbon fiber faces and a Black Eva Soft core. Likewise, this racket has a carbon frame and rough faces for spin shots. The difference is in its appearance, as it presents an exclusive feminine design, with black and pink colors.

Vibor-a Liquid Yarara

The Yarara is one of the most famous rackets in the history of Vibor-a, it now arrives in its Liquid version for the 2021 season. A racket that is also versatile and aimed at professional players. The main detail of this racket is that, despite looking for versatility, it is a little closer to power. However, it also has a teardrop format and a medium balance.

As for its technical details, this racket also features a solid carbon construction, with 12K fiber on the faces and a rough finish for spin shots. Inside, the famous Black Eva Soft rubber appears for a balanced hit between comfort, rebound and power.

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