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NOVELTY! New Siux Raven racket

New Siux Raven rackets
New Siux Raven rackets

Although we are still in the first quarter of the year, 2021 continues to give us surprises to talk about. Padel lovers are always waiting for new releases and technological innovations of the padel rackets.

Siux has earned an exclusive space on the blog, because they have announced a collection of totally new padel rackets that are yet to arrive. This new collection bears the name of Siux Raven, made up of four rackets with different characteristics and behaviors. The new Raven are available now, so stay tuned, because they will surely be sold out in no time.

Siux Raven: the rackets that will surprise padel lovers

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Notable features of the new Siux Raven

The new Siux Raven are high-end rackets, created to be in the hands of professional players. That is the first sign that these rackets carry the best materials of today in their guts. First of all, they have a special construction for the frame, made up of two separate pieces. Siux has decided to separate the tubular from the frame for two reasons. The first is that it improves firmness and durability, on the other hand, it creates a better optimal impact zone to improve the quality of the blow.

Another of the main qualities of the new Siux Raven padel rackets is in their bridge. It features a prism-shaped construction with a triple structure. It is composed of a combination of carbon and kevlar, which together guarantee greater resistance to wear and tear and longer durability. This reinforced bridge also provides other benefits such as vibration absorbency and optimization of the balance of the racket to make it more manageable.

One of the most special details about these padel rackets is that Siux has collaborated with ShockOut, one of the most recognized accessory manufacturers on the market, an expert in protectors and antivibrators. This collaboration has borne fruit to implement its antivibrators in the new Siux Raven padel rackets, reducing them in great quantity to avoid elbow problems such as epicondylitis.

Since we have mentioned the most important features and novelties of the new series of rackets, it is time to know the specific details of each one of them, so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs on the track.

Raven 18K Control

This racket was created for players looking for a manageable and precision game. It has a round format and low balance. Thanks to this format, the sweet spot of the padel racket is located in the center of the faces, to facilitate the control game. It has a the new double-piece frame we mentioned above, but the highlight is in its faces. They are composed of a solid and resistant 18K carbon fiber, which is superior to traditional fiber. Its interior is composed of a laminated Eva Soft High Recovery core, a high recovery Eva rubber, with great resistance to wear and tear and energy return for a better ball output.

Raven 18K Hybrid

The Siux Raven 18K Hybrid has a totally different essence than the control version, it is a multipurpose racket for a versatile game. It has a hybrid format and a medium-high balance, which allows it to maintain manageability but highlighting its power a little more. The same Eva Soft High Recovery core and 18K carbon fiber faces have also been used for this model.

Raven 3K Control

The new Raven 3K Control is very similar to the Raven 18K Control, the difference is that, instead of having 18K carbon fiber faces, it has 3K carbon face. It also has the same round format, low balance and laminated Eva Soft High Recovery rubber.

Raven 3K Hybrid

Finally, the 3K Hybrid arrives, which like the 3K Control, has 3K carbon fiber planes, a 100% carbon frame, the Kevlar bridge and the Eva Soft High Recovery rubber. The difference is that it has a hybrid format and a medium-high balance, to be able to develop a multipurpose game.

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