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Starvie launches its first three rackets of 2022

The first three rackets Starvie 2022
The first three rackets Starvie 2022

Starvie Padel comes with everything for the new 2022 season. It has presented the first three Starvie padel rackets that will be part of the new collection. As expected, this preview corresponds to the brand’s premium range, which includes rackets for intermediate and professional players. If you’re looking for a competitive racket, one of these three weapons might be your best option. We present the main features of each Starvie 2022 rackets so you can choose the one that best suits your playing style.

Release: Starvie 2022 Racket

Contenidos de la noticia

Starvie Metheora Warrior 2022

Without a doubt, the most awaited racket in this collection is the new Starvie Metheora Warrior 2022, Mati Díaz’s new weapon. A racket for professionals who prefer control but also brutal power. The great novelty of this racket is that it now has a new carbon, much more resistant and durable than the previous edition. More precisely, it is a new Colors Carbon 3K carbon fiber that has a blue color. In addition, the rackets faces have two layers of this fiber for better performance and higher performance.

The big advantage of this new carbon is an increase in power and ball performance, since it is a fiber that is slightly harder than traditional fibers. This is the property that allows the racket to behave aggressively. The new Metheora Warrior, on the other hand, has a round format and a Soft V30 core, an EVA rubber with a soft touch. The combination of these two elements makes it a racket that excels in control and manageability, as the rubber eliminates vibration and allows for a much more comfortable shot.

In addition, the racket has well-known technologies that were also included in the previous version. We are talking about the rough planes with full plane effect and the bridge’s star balance piece, which improves stability and reduces vibrations.

Star Vie Astrum Eris

The Star Vie Astrum Eris is an unprecedented padel racket making its debut in the StarVie ranks. You could say that this racket is almost identical to the Metheora Warrior, but it has a different component that changes its playing style and sensations. Before we go into those details, it’s important to mention that this racket is also part of the high-range for intermediate and professional players.

At first glance we see the same round format, but in a completely different color combination, in white. Likewise, the racket has the 3K carbon tube frame and the same Eva Soft V30 rubber core. However, what makes it different is that the new Colors Carbon 3K carbon fiber is combined with a fiberglass layer. In this way, this padel racket is characterized by an even more pleasant and soft touch. It is perfect for those who are not used to very hard rackets and prefer more comfort when hitting.

In terms of technologies, it also features the robust Full Plane Effect aircraft and Star Balance for the stability of the structure.

Star Vie Raptor Evolution

The new Star Vie Raptor Evolution is, as the name suggests, the evolution of the Raptor Pro racket designed by Franco Stupaczuk, a professional player on the World Padel Tour. A weapon known for its excellent control, guaranteed above all by its round format that makes it easier to hit the ball. In previous versions we had also seen a racket with a full carbon construction, but with this model also comes the new Colors Carbon 3K, which in this case is red. A fiber with greater resistance so that the shovel can have a much longer lifespan. Also to increase the power. This new fiber is combined with another layer of 3K carbon for better performance.

Like the other two rackets in the StarVie 2022 racket collection, the Raptor Evolution features Soft Touch Soft V30 rubber, Full Plane Effect and Star Balance technologies.

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