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enebe eclipse
New padel rackets, Enebe Eclipse

A powerful weapon has arrived for the demanding padel player who does not settle. It is the Enebe Eclipse, a weapon that is characterized by its versatility for a more complete game. The Eclipse has become one of the favorite Enebe 2020 padel rackets, and that is why we analyze it from head to hilt. Do not leave the screen to know all its details.


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One of the great advantages of the Enebe Eclipse is that it is versatile, this means that it fits more players, regardless of their playing style. It is a polyvalent padel racket that helps balance control and power for a more rounded game. The padel racket has a teardrop shape, with a medium balance that balances the weights better. As for the level, we recommend the padel racket for advanced and professional players, an excellent padel racket to take to high demanding matches or tournaments.

Enebe Eclipse
Enebe Eclipse – Frontside


The padel racket has a carbon construction, both for the faces and the frame. This is the first guarantee of durability and resistance for the structure. Specifically, the frame is composed of a double tubular of this material. Besides creating a more stable and durable structure, it also has some influence on the search for power, since it is a solid and heavy material.

On the other hand, the faces are made of an excellent quality carbon fiber. A padel racket with carbon fiber layouts helps the hitting players to develop more power in their hitting. Being a polyvalent padel racket, power is one of its main qualities. The carbon fiber creates a solid feel, which facilitates the power by using all the force of the arm to hit the ball.


To counteract the stiffness of the structure and also to encourage control play, the Enebe Eclipse has a soft-touch core. It is an HR3 rubber, which is characterized by its soft touch and greater rebound. With this element, the padel racket finds the control it needs for versatility. The absorbency of the rubber reduces the vibrations generated when hitting the ball, avoiding discomfort in the elbow. On the other hand, it has an excellent energy return property, this helps to expel the ball, making its output have more speed and power.


The new Enebe Eclipse presents Speed Layer, one of the best known technologies of this brand, seen in previous seasons. This technology is located in the faces of the padel racket, with an additional layer of polymers that aims to provide more acceleration to the ball. In this way, the ball gets a better output, in combination with the bounce of the HR3 rubber core.

Enebe Eclipse – Frame

This Enebe padel racket structure also has a reinforced bridge. The bridge has a piece that divides the open bridge in two, horizontally. The aim of this component is to reduce vibrations, with greater stability and rigidity. Besides, it is also excellent for optimizing the balance, making the weights concentrated in the fist area, making the padel racket more manageable and aerodynamic.

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