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New Black Crown padel rackets collection 2021
New Black Crown padel rackets collection

New 2021 Black Crown padel rackets

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Black Crown lives up to its name, and continues with the crown well placed for the new 2021 season. The Spanish padel firm debuts with the renewal of some of its most legendary padel rackets, as a small preview of the great arsenal that is approximates. The famous Piton and Piton Soft breathe new air, maintaining the same essence that made them famous, but with some small changes that improve them even more. You cannot miss all the details of the new Black Crown 2021 rackets.

Piton 9.0

The new Piton 9.0 maintains the same mold of its predecessor, a round shaped padel racket and a wide sweet spot. It is a padel racket that has control as a priority, although it has incredible power. It is one of those rackets that feel complete, that do not disappoint at any point in the game, especially those players who want versatility.

The racket repeats itself with an 80% carbon tubular frame, which has been very successful in recent seasons. This piece is solid, but maintains a good level of stretch for more manageability. One of the most important changes is in the faces of the racket, which are now composed of a 3K carbon fiber. This makes the racket feel more solid, an excellent quality for aggressive players looking for power.

Another change in the new version is inside. A new Super Control Black Eva core has been introduced. It is a rubber with maximized control, with a more elastic feel and with more energy return for more rebound. An excellent padel racket for advanced players looking for lightness, maneuverability and precision in their game.

Piton 9.0 Soft

The latest versions of the famous Piton have been accompanied by ”Softversions, which are characterized by having a softer touch than the normal version. In 2021 it receives this version again, which has an Eva Soft Memory rubber. This rubber is softer and more elastic than the one on the Piton 9.0. The objective is focused on favoring the comfort of the hit, for those players who prefer more softness in exchange for a little power. This racket focuses 100% on control, yet maintains a good level of aggressiveness.

Another difference with the standard version of the Piton 9.0 is in their faces. The has 3K Aluminum fiber planes. With this rubber you get more ball output, with more rebound without using a lot of force in the hit. It has the same round format with a wide sweet spot to facilitate contact with the ball.

Piton Nakano 15K

The new Piton Nakano 15K is the most recent update of the successful Piton Nakano 3K of 2020. Once again, it becomes the official weapon of Marta Marrero, one of the best players on the World Padel Tour. It is a round shaped padel racket that balances control and power, for a more versatile game.

It boasts a high quality construction, with the same 80% carbon frame of the Piton rackets and a 15K carbon fiber on the faces. The composition of their faces is the most significant change, the material has a more solid feel that helps to find more power, ideal for hitting and aggressive players. Inside it has been incorporated the new rubber of 2021, Super Control Eva. With it, you get a more comfortable hit that favors the ball exit, precision and control.


Black Crown 2020 padel rackets

Here’s a review of four new Black Crown 2020 padel rackets. New weapons that come to join a successful collection presented at the beginning of the year. These padel rackets boast the best materials, the most advanced technology and complete gameplay for all styles of play. You can not miss any of the details of the new Black Crown 2020 padel rackets.



This padel racket has a round format that maximizes its control and manageability, although it also has a very good power. Its rough surface improves strokes with spin, by increasing the grip with the ball. This padel racket is perfect for off-road players looking for a lot of control but with aggression.

The padel racket has a double tubular frame made of 80% carbon, reinforced with a protector for the hits. In addition, its layouts are composed of two layers of fiberglass, covered by an additional layer of 3K carbon fiber. This generates a greater solidity to hit with more power.

For the core we have chosen Extra Soft EVA, a soft rubber with good rebound and ball exit, which also boasts good vibration absorption.


The new Black Crown Piton Attack Plus is a power padel racket designed to be in the hands of aggressive and hitting players. This padel racket has a teardrop format and a medium-high balance, its weights are closer to the top of the padel racket, to facilitate the impression of power on the ball.

This padel racket has a solid construction, with a double 80% carbon tubular to form a stable and resistant frame. On the other hand, the layouts are made of 3K Ribbon, one of the most solid carbon fiber in the market. Its touch is solid, great for the players stickers. In its interior, the padel racket has Mid Soft EVA, it is a harder rubber than others, so that the hitting can take a little more power.


The new Grizzly is one of the most complete padel rackets for padel players from intermediate to advanced level. A padel racket with a round format and a medium balance to find a good balance between control and power.

Like the other models, it has a double tubular frame made of 80% carbon. This guarantees a solid, resistant and durable structure. On the other hand, the layouts are made of a solid 3K carbon fiber, to highlight the power.

This padel racket has a Black Soft EVA core. This is a medium touch rubber, with a good balance between hardness and elasticity for a more versatile game.


This is the most controlled version of the Grizzly, for intermediate and advanced players. This padel racket is characterized by easier and more accurate game play, for players who want to control the point and develop a more complete strategy.

Despite being a more controlled padel racket, it also has that double carbon tubular frame, to ensure long durability and wear resistance. The main differences are in the faces and the core.

This version has fiberglass layouts, this fiber is a little softer and more flexible than carbon. This generates a hit with more control and comfort. Similarly, a Super Soft EVA rubber has been chosen, this is a rubber of greater softness, elasticity and shock absorption. With these two components you get more control.

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