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Harlem Padel Rackets
Harlem Padel Rackets

The offer of brands continues to increase in the Padel Nuestro store. Now a new collection of Harlem padel rackets has arrived, a collection that promises a lot. This collection is composed of four padel rackets, with good quality and high performance guaranteed for experienced players.


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Harlem Padel is a young brand, founded in 2016. This doesn’t take away any importance, since it has become very popular in recent seasons. This brand produces padel rackets for players of all levels, with materials currently recognized as the best quality. Harlem uses composites such as carbon fibers of different compositions, EVA rubber and glass fibers, materials that can be found in more prestigious brands.

The Harlem padel racket collection is expected to become one of the most popular of the season. It comes with a catalog composed of four weapons. Haakun, Alexya, Akyra and Vulcan, each of them aimed at a specific type of player. Below, we show you each one of its details so that you can choose the one that most represents your way of playing padel.


The new Haakun is a padel racket for advanced and professional players, which stands out for its polivalency. The padel racket has a hybrid format between a diamond and a teardrop shape, with the aim of balancing the game. In this way it can be adapted to any style of play. But the padel racket is also impressive when talking about its materials, as it boasts a solid structure.

It has a hybrid frame composed of carbon and fiberglass, to be resistant but with a touch of flexibility. But the best is in its faces, a carbon fiber 21K, one of the best in the market, with an aluminized layer to improve its quality and increase the power.

In its interior there is a Black EVA rubber, this type of rubber is a little harder than the Soft, this allows the blow to have a little more hardness to hit with more power. The average balance of the padel racket balances the weights to obtain manageability and power.


Alexya is another padel racket for advanced and professionals. The padel racket has a diamond shape, a basic feature of power blades, however, its wide sweet spot and medium balance maximize qualities such as control and manageability. In this way, this padel racket stands out for its great precision and control game.

Structurally, it is a solid padel racket, with a 100% carbon tubular for the frame and flat with a 3K carbon fiber. With these materials you get a little more solid touch to find the power in the touch. But to increase the control, Harlem has incorporated a Foam Soft rubber in its core, it is a foam with a high degree of absorbency and rebound for a higher ball output.


The new Harlem Akyra padel racket can be used by players from intermediate to professional level. It is a round format padel racket with medium balance, which stands out for its control and manageability, however, it is also a very powerful padel racket. Its round format widens the sweet spot to facilitate centered contact.

The Akyra boasts a solid structure, with a carbon and fiberglass frame, with 3K carbon fiber on its faces. Inside is an EVA 30 rubber. This rubber has an excellent recovery to improve power and ball output, besides, it has good hit absorption to reduce vibrations.


The Harlem Vulcan is a control padel racket for intermediate and advanced players. This padel racket has a round shape with a wide and centered sweet spot. The key to its control is in its inner core, a soft and elastic EVA rubber for more rebound and comfort at impact. Besides, its faces are made of fiberglass, a material that, unlike carbon, is a little more flexible, which reduces vibrations when hitting the ball. However, this padel racket is still resistant, since it has a tubular frame made of carbon and fiberglass.

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