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The best padel rackets for beginners

padel rackets for beginners
Best padel rackets for beginners

Padel rackets for beginner players

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These are some of the padel rackets for beginners, more recommended for players who are just starting out in padel. These padel rackets are characterized by their great handling, control and comfort in the game. Any of them, allows the player to develop their full potential, to reach higher levels in the near future. This list includes some of the best brands in the market such as Bullpadel, Head, Adidas and Star Vie, which despite being entry level padel rackets, have the best in technology and materials. You can’t miss them.


This is one of the best value padel rackets, a padel racket with which you can get good technology and incredible power at an acceptable price. The padel racket has a solid carbon frame with an integrated protector to improve its resistance. Besides, it has some layouts with Innegra fiber with carbon reinforcements for more power. Inside, it has a Foam core of absorbent foam, which also provides an excellent ball output.


The Head Flash Green 2021 is a padel racket very similar to the Flash Pro, with excellent level of power and control, the difference is that it is more manageable, with a more flexible frame for players seeking comfort. It also has a foam core for a soft hit with a lot of rebound. One of the best padel rackets for beginning players looking for total control.


Bullpadel Shake belongs to the Funline line of the 2021 Bullpadel collection, for beginners. A round format padel racket with low balance for a 100% control game. The padel racket has a structure composed of a 100% carbon frame and flat fiberglass, with a core Evalastic, the softest and most elastic rubber in the collection. Thanks to it, the beginner player will have a comfortable and vibration-free hit.


The new adidas Drive 3.0 is the perfect padel racket for your first padel training sessions. It has a round format to have a wider sweet spot, its weights are perfectly balanced to have a balanced game. The padel racket has fiberglass faces, over a soft touch Eva Soft core for comfortable hitting and good rebound, without vibrations. A padel racket created for players who are discovering the padel.


Adidas Match 3.0 is another of the padel rackets in the Adidas Discovery range for beginners. This is an excellent padel racket for the first matches. It has an All Round format and a medium balance, which allows a polyvalent game, to fit any type of player.

It also has a combination of Fiber Glass and an Eva Soft Performance rubber for a comfortable hit.


This is a special version of adidas Match 3.0, because it has a lightweight construction that makes it lighter. This padel racket has the same features as the standard version, an All Round format and a fiberglass construction. The only difference is that it has a reduced weight, which gives a feeling of greater manageability and lightness.


The StarVie Turning is one of the padel rackets in the Discover range of Star Vie for beginners. A padel racket that favors control play, with a round format and low balance for maximum handling. The padel racket has a full fiberglass construction, a tough but more flexible material than carbon. Thanks to this, the game can be more comfortable and manageable, ideal for beginners.


This padel racket is inspired by Sanyo Gutierrez’s professional padel racket, it has the same aesthetics and design, but is aimed at beginners. Despite being an entry level padel racket, it boasts a solid structure, with a carbon frame reinforced with Innegra, one of the strongest fibers on the market. Besides, it has a core Soft Foam, a soft elastic foam for a more comfortable hitting and more ball output.


This is one of the most special initiation blades, because of its technology. The Dunlop Rapid Control has a round format with a large sweet spot for improved control. But the best is in its frame, with graphene reinforcements to improve the strength of the padel racket. It also has an Ultra Soft rubber of extreme softness to make the hitting comfortable and with more rebound. Ideal for players who are just starting to play padel.

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