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Prince Padel 2021, meet the rackets of the new collection

Prince Padel collection 2021

We present you the new collection of Prince padel 2021 rackets. As we are used to, on the Padel Nuestro blog, we analyze the most special padel rackets launches of each season. On this occasion, it is the turn of a mythical brand, which for many years has been present in racket sports. So, you cannot miss a single detail of the summary of the collection of new Prince 2021 rackets.

Prince padel 2021 rackets collection

Contenidos de la noticia

Prince Falcon

The Prince Falcon padel racket is the most powerful of the entire collection. Their faces have a 24K carbon fiber finish that gives them a more solid feel. In addition, it has an Eva Power rubber that specializes in power, with a triple bridge for better stability. Its diamond format also helps to favor attack play. The flats of the racket have a rough Shot Spin finish, which enhances spinning hits.

Prince Padel Jet

The new Prince Padel Jet is a padel racket aimed at players with a control profile, but they also want a high level of power. That is why it has a diamond format and a medium balance, to combine both behaviors. The structure is made of carbon, and it also has the Triple Threat bridge to give stability to the racket. In addition, its core is composed of a medium hardness Black Eva rubber, which allows a more powerful hit while maintaining good control.

Prince Mach

This is the high-end padel racket with a profile aimed at the versatile. Of course, it still focuses on being aggressive with its diamond format, but it also seeks to have a perfect balance between control and power. This racket also has a 100% carbon construction, the Triple Threat bridge and the rough faces for the effects. The difference with the Jet is in its core, this racket has Eva Super Soft, a much softer rubber that takes control to the highest levels.

Prince Phantom V2

The new Prince Phantom V2 is a racket that specializes in comfortable and vibration-free hitting. That is why it has an AHS anti-vibration system, polyurethane in the core and an elastomer in the faces. These materials make the touch softer and the ball output predominates over the power. In addition, it has a format that is a bit rounder, which also results in a more centered and wider sweet spot. An excellent padel racket for those looking for manageability and control.

Prince Premier V2

The Premier V2 is similar to the Phantom in that it also specializes in comfortable hitting and vibration absorbency. It also has the AHS system, a polyurethane core and an elastic material on the faces. The big difference is that this racket has an Eva Power core. This means that this racket has a somewhat higher power level, but trying to preserve its control qualities.

Prince Quartz

This racket is aimed at players with a versatile-aggressive style. Its carbon construction for the frame and faces and the reinforced bridge, make it a solid and resistant racquet for the offensive game. However, it has some features such as an Ultra Soft core and an oversize format, which make its manageability and control stand out as well. This makes the Prince Quartz an excellent choice for advanced and professional level players.

Prince Rocket

The Rocket is one of the Prince Padel 2021 pade rackets that is aimed at advanced players looking for a more balanced power. It has a carbon construction, but it has an Eva Balance rubber of medium hardness so that the hit is aggressive but also comfortable and with a lot of control. The faces of this racquet have a textured finish to enhance spinning hits.

Prince Armor

The new Prince Armor belongs to the range of advanced of the brand, with a style of power, but that manages to maintain good control. That is why it has a teardrop format, in addition, it combines an Ultra Soft core with a soft touch with a solid carbon exterior construction. Perfect for intensive players looking for the next level.

Prince Harrier

Harrier is one of the Prince padel 2021 rackets that are aimed at intermediate or initial players. However, he specializes in power, but for those looking for a shorter swing and slower hitting speed. It is built with Carbon Flex Fiber, a fiber that stands out for being more elastic, so that the blows are somewhat more comfortable and with more rebound.

Prince Raptor

The Raptor is very similar to the Prince Harrier, also built with Carbon Flex Fiber to be more flexible and with the same round shape with the sweet spot centered. The difference is that this rackets is recommended for players looking for a wider swing and faster hitting speed.

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